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There are five Gospels

“There are five Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and the life of Christians. Many people never read the first four.”

Ravi Zacharias, American theologian

When I read this quote from Ravi Zacharias, I had to smile. From our fellow Christians, we are always getting told what to think, how to behave. With a raised finger they are pointing at one or the other, they condemn and judge. Sometimes even against your civil right to defend yourself or your right to be heard.

If those Christians would read the 4 Gospels and allow themselves to be guided by Jesus; the way he lived, loved, judged and forgave, life for all Christians would be more harmonious.

Church and faith
Church and faith

There are Christians and such Christians

Yes - there are Christians, and there are better Christians. Christians, who (supposedly) have too little faith are rebuked and condemned. This human behaviour indeed was already known in the time of Jesus. There is the one or other story to tell, about who or who not belongs to Jesus. Jesus behaviour, on the other hand, surprised over and over again. He behaved very differently; he judged differently and above all: he forgave.

All or nothing ...

Returning to the beginning: Whoever desires to live a Christian life should align himself on the four Gospels and follow their lead. Unfortunately, not many Christians succeed. And what do you get? A life and behaviour towards other people, other fellow Christians, which does not correspond to the four Gospels. Maybe it’s time to make a decision: "all or nothing"? If you can’t love and forgive, but you are quick to judge, then this question is for you?


Just a note at the end. Unfortunately, every other religion is also affected by the same ailment. There will always be someone who abuses their religion and interpret it according to their own "needs" and then justify themselves and their behaviour.

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