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Outdoor games (3-Sticks / Capture the Flag) – games more for boys

outdoor games

In April, when the season is getting warmer again, it’s a good time to start with some outdoor games. 3-Sticks and Capture the flag are always a big hit when it comes to outdoor games. Why are these games becoming so popular? I think it comes all down to the simple rules. In my opinion, outdoor games with simple rules are always the best. Above all, they can be planned and implemented very quickly.

3 - Sticks
terrain game: 3 - Sticks

3 - Sticks

You need 2 teams, each with at least 3-4 people. Each team chooses a camp side and marks it with 3 sticks in the shape of a pyramid. Both camps should be 100 – 250 meters apart. The objective is, to watch the own pyramid while at the same time knocking down the pyramid of the other team.

For each "conquest" they receive a point. Attackers may be repelled by patting them on the shoulder. They then have to go back to their camp and start all again. Feints, ruse and distraction, all belong to the repertoire of each team to collect as many as possible points.

Capture the Flag

Instead, of the previously described pyramid each team marks its campsite with a flag (old rag on a stick). Around the flag, you draw a magic circle, 4 meters in radius. The objective is to get the opponent’s flag into the own magic circle. The trick is; the players must not step in their own magic circle. Expect the one retrieving the opponent’s flag. However, the players are allowed to enter the opponent’s magic circle.

The opponents can be held up by either by touching or holding them. However, be aware, holding the opponent might lead to a brawl quickly. However, if 2-3 players are involved in a fight, the remaining player can seize the moment and retrieve the flag. This game also relies heavily on tactics and manoeuvres.

The flag with the stick must not be thrown (risk of injury). However, if it is just the rag, it must be held in the players hand and must not be hidden on the body.

A brawl is almost part in this game, - and guys like to wrestle and want to compete. Of course, rules can be made and followed so that the scuffle does not get out of hand. Tactics and speed are part of this game, which makes it also more attractive.

A suitable terrain for this game is soft forest floor or meadows. Unsuitable is a rocky and uncertain terrain.

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