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Drawing skills - or Pictionary hard-core

The game is similar to Pictionary - just a little bit more creative. Although, through its three levels it is much more demanding as the simple detection of painted terms.


Pictionary hardcore
Pictionary hardcore | ©: Sascha Ruser

  • Two markers
  • A brush
  • Liquid tinting colour
  • A soup plate
  • Large sheets of paper (A3 1x, 2x DIN A1)
  • Tape
  • Blindfold


For this game, four volunteers are needed. Either line them up one behind the other so that they cannot see what the person in front is doing or they have to wait in front of the door until they are called in.

Contestant 1:

The first candidate gets a felt pen and an A 4 paper. This person must draw a concept or an object that he takes from an available list. For example, a table or a banana. As soon as he drew the concept on the sheet it is wordlessly passed on to the second person.

Contestant 2:

The second person also gets a sharpie and needs to trace the idea on a fastened piece of paper. However, this time, he is not using his hands but draws the symbol with the sharpie in his mouth.

As soon as he is finished drawing the symbol, the piece of paper is silently handed on to the next person.

Candidate 3:

The third person gets a brush tied to his waistband, on a piece of string which dangles about 30-40cm above the ground. On the floor sits a large sheet of paper (or an A1 newspaper remnant from the printing house). The plate with the colour sits next to it (tinting diluted with water, watercolour, or any same paint). Now the candidate has to re-draw the artwork of candidate 2. It is needless to say, he is not allowed to either use hands or feet. Only the dangling brush. Therefore, he has to juggle with the right movements to get the brush first in the paint and then back to the paper to create variant 3 of the artworks.

As soon as this drawing is finished as well, the sheet is silently handed over to the fourth person.

Pictionary drawing terms
Pictionary drawing terms

Candidate 4:

The fourth and final person now has to guess what the original concept was. – The fourth person has to be blindfolded or wait outside the room so that he cannot see the first two drawings. It is only from the third picture that the candidate has to guess the original concept.

Examples of simple terms:

Banana, orange, pineapple, table, chair, house, mouse, camel, elephant, monkey, car, truck, candle, fir-tree, church, temple, mountain, cave, sugar cube.

Increasing the level of difficulty:

You can give the team a particular time in which the three drawings have to be finished. Alternatively, more teams compete at the same time. The winner is the team, which finishes first and likewise was able to guess the original concept correctly.

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