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Every wish fulfilled – children made unhappy

"Do you know the surest way to make your child unhappy? Make sure it gets everything it wants" Undoubtedly, his desires will grow unstoppably with the ease of their fulfilment. " Jean-Jacques Rousseau, in "Emile."

Education; Every wish fulfilled – children made unhappy

This quote from Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a writer, philosopher, educator and naturalist matches very well one of my articles I have written recently. “Indulgence - the worst form of child negligence.”

With this quote, Jean-Jacques Rousseau's brings the negative consequences, which can come with the indulgence of children, to our attention.

What we mean here is, it is too easy for the child to get everything he demands. The parents bend over backwards, save money wherever they can only to fulfil their child’s every wish. However, that the child cannot see. Even parents with enough financial wealth make it too easy by funding and just putting everything in front of their offspring.

What are the possible consequences?

  • These children do not learn that life is not just about "Ask, and you get it", and that giving is part of it.

  • These children do not learn how to work for something, how to handle money or even to appreciate it. They do not to learn to weigh up, which purchase is more important; as they never learn how to do without something.

  • Maybe someday these children will encounter difficulties and realize that not everything is always so easy to get.

Yes, and at the latest then, the child is now an adult, he will realize, something just went wrong.

Book tip: “Emile or On Education” by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

“Emile or On Education” is the pedagogical masterpiece of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, written in 1762. It contains some interesting views on education. His work has greatly influenced modern pedagogics. Educational science as well as in training seminars for educators it is frequently referred to this major educational work of Rousseau. To look into this matter is worthwhile at any time.

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