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Daimler ProCent: A company promoting charitable projects

That you can achieve big things with small donations proves the donation initiative Daimler ProCent. The idea behind this project was developed in late 2011 on the initiative of the Central Works and has become a real success story. The simple idea is that employees donate the cent amount of their monthly pay and pay it into a donation pot. The company, in turn, contributes the initiative by doubling the amount paid by the employees.

How cents can turn into a million

Because roughly 75 percent of all employees participate in this Daimler ProCent action, they could achieve quite a lot over the last few years while the burden of the donation of the individuals remained manageable at the same time. Until 2015, they donated about 2.75 million euros. This includes the doubling by the company. These donations were distributed to almost 500 charitable projects.

Staff suggests the projects

This short video explain the project (only in german language)

Employees not only refrain of a tiny fraction of their wages for the Daimler ProCent Action, but they also may recommend which projects should be funded. Partly they also supported institutions where the Daimler employees also donated their free time as volunteers. For example, the Daimler ProCent Action contributed one-part, ensuring that a stage could be purchased for a theatre group for physically challenged actors. They also contributed to a river restoration program, and a retirement home received a much-needed activity trail. However, another part flows into international aid programs.

Staff can submit those projects at any Daimler AG locations. These are passed on to the council, which ultimately coordinates the promotion of corporate governance. For the evaluation of these proposals and the subsequent disbursement. They created their own donations department, which is coordinated by the ProCent action. Also, the volunteer work of employees is supported by the company, if possible.

This initiative of small contribution with significant effect could make school. Perhaps it could be launched in one or the other (smaller) company as a similar project.

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