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Lifekinetik® - interesting for the students, sports and youth work

Lifekinetik trains concentration and coordination.
Lifekinetik trains concentration and coordination.

A new concept in the field of learning conquered the world – it is called Lifekinetik®. Regarding teaching this concept leaves everything else we have ever seen so far for dead. It can be used by children, youth and adults alike to keep both body and mind fit for life.

In relation to child, student and youth work: Lifekinetik helps to improve learning, concentration, creativity, intelligence and even stress can be reduced, using Lifekinetik. It also helps by building team awareness. In other words, worth every youth workers time to have a closer look at this concept.

What exactly is Lifekinetik?

The basic concept behind Lifekinetik is easy to understand: The participant performs deliberate movements and completes exercises for the mind at the same time. First, the whole thing might sound a bit odd; also, the coordination is difficult in the beginning, however, once you implement Lifekinetik in your life, you do not want to miss it anymore.

Meanwhile, Lifekinetik has undergone several tests and scientific studies and its effect could scientifically be confirmed.

Objectives of Lifekinetik

The human brain is not a static instrument that can perform for the rest of your life. This is, in particular, true if you do not pay any attention to your brain. In this case, your brain literally ceases to function properly.

Experts compare the brain to muscle. Just as any other muscle the brain too has to be trained and kept in shape. Therefore, it is necessary to train body and mind alike. Lifekinetik brings both trainings methods together so they can support each other for maximum effect.

Speaking about effect – how do we exactly benefit from it?

Lifekinetik is by no means just a fashion craze or another fitness method, where it is important to look good to achiever good health. On the contrary: Some might complain that exercising Lifekinetik looks quite stupid. However, considering the outcome this can be quickly forgotten.

Precisely these effects, we want to look at a little more in detail.


You can never be creative enough. Creative people have it easier in life. They find solutions faster and solve problems with less effort. By linking brain teasers and physical exercises, Lifekinetik targets precisely the training of creativity.


Lifekinetik trains body control.
Lifekinetik trains body control.

Exercise is necessary. However, often we exercise but our minds are not with it. With Lifekinetik we not just exercise physically, but also engage in concentration. And this concentration keeps growing when you use Lifekinetik, coordinating physical and mental exercise. Thus, Lifekinetik is also great when preparing for tests, exams, etc. Speed and responsiveness also improve with exercising Lifekinetik.


The brain training is part of the Lifekinetik exercises and ensures – if permanently applied - for better memory performance and faster learning. This relates both to the short-term and long-term memory. We note that for example in recognizing of names or faces that we do not forget easily.


If body and mind cooperate we experience success, so we are motivated to carry on. At the same time, our confidence grows. We realize that we can do more and achieve more than we did so far. Even Einstein said: "Humans use only 10% of its intellectual potential." Anyone who realizes that can do much more and literally burst with self-confidence.

Lifekinetik trains concentration, memory, perception and visual perception alike. Count the bullets. You have time of 2 Minutes. (result: 256)
Lifekinetik trains concentration, memory, perception and visual perception alike.
Count the bullets. You have time of 2 Minutes.

Lifekinetik: "Jogging" for the brain

The exercises of Lifekinetik are designed in a way so that each different region of the brain can be addressed and coordinated. This means mind and emotions (cerebral cortex and brain stem) are once again balanced. Our active thinking is better linked to our long-term memory and our visual perception. In short: Lifekinetik trains concentration, vision, reaction rate, coordination, learning ability, speed, body control, cognitive skills, memory, perception and visual perception alike.

Who benefits from Lifekinetik?

  • Children, young people, students
  • Athletes
  • Older people
  • Sick people (z. B. with dementia)
  • Professionals and highly stressed people

Examples of Lifekinetik exercises:

  1. Hold two small balls in his hands and throw them up in the air. Alternate between your arms held parallel and arms crossed. While the balls are up in the air, you change your hand positions and catch the balls. – In other words, while throwing the balls into the air, your hands are parallel, while when you catch them again, your hands are crossed over.

  2. In front of you draw a line on the ground (You can use a tape or a rope alike). Now jump over the line, and “land” on your right foot. Now jump back and land on the left foot. With the next leap forward, land on both feet. Vary this jumping technique. At the next round start with your other foot.

  3. For the third exercise, you will need your two balls again. With your left hand throw one ball continuously up in the air. After every 5th or 6th throw use your right hand and throw the second ball up into the air. Pay attention to throw the second ball twice as high as the left ball.

  4. More games you can find in this game-category: Brain Synapses Games

Further information:

  • Lifekinetik is a registered trademark in Germany of Cinderella GmbH (see also

  • Courses Lifekintik® can only be performed by licensed coaches or school and day-care coaches.

  • More info and addresses of Lifekinetik trainers you can find at

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