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Cloth pin game night

Cloth pin game
Cloth pin game

During January and February, a game night with cloth pins is easy to prepare. Easy to prepare and with a high fun factor, it promises a successful game night. Required are skills, fine- and gross-motor skills as well as movement to tire the kids out.

You will need the following:

  • Cloth pins (wooden and plastic)
  • Rope
  • Sheets of paper, balloons, etc.,
  • Socks, t-shirts, pants, shirts – everybody most likely wears them anyway
  • Bowl or plate
  • Blindfolds

In the column, “Games with Cloth Pins” you will find several games ideal for such a game night.

These cloth pin games are in this section

Grabbing cloth pins

quickly grab as many as possible cloth pins out of the cloth pin bag, and put them out on a plate or table. Who can grab the most pins with only one hand in one go?

Hanging up cloth

Which team can put up the most clothes, such as socks, t-shirts, beanies, shirts, trousers, jumpers, etc., on the cloth line.

Passing on objects

everyone gets a clothespin and one object. The objective is to pass the object on from clothes pin to another clothes pin (balloon, socks, t-shirt, a piece of paper, etc.). Which team solves the task the fastest?

Cloth pin catching
Cloth pin catching

Cloth pin catching
Cloth pin catching

Cloth pin catching

everyone gets 5 clothes pins pinned to his t-shirt. Now everybody tries to get somebody else’s pins and puts them on his t-shirt. The winner is who has the most pins on his t-shirt after 2-3 minutes. The one who has none has to leave the game.


Catapult a clothes pin into a bowl by pushing the pin down with one finger and then letting go. This will require some skill.

Finding clothes pins blindfolded
Finding clothes pins blindfolded

Finding clothes pins blindfolded

One kid gets 10 pins put on his t-shirt. Another player is blindfolded and has to get those pins now off as quickly as possible. Which team of tow’s wins?

Variation: The opponent pins clothes pins on the second player of the opponent team (he is blindfolded) and has to find all the pins and put them into a bowl.


One candidate gets blindfolded and gets 10 pins on his clothes. He has to sit in the middle on a chair. The objective for the other player is to grab the pins without getting caught out by the kid in the chair.


Using wooden pekes (plastic ones are too hard on the teeth), the candidate takes one pin in his mouth and tries to put it on the washing line.

Alternative: Similar to the Limbo dance, the pins have to put on lower and lower hanging lines.

Shooting cloth pins down

2 -3 cloth pins are put up on a washing line at a distance of about 10cm. From a 2m distance, using a rubber and paper clips trying to hit the pins. Per hit pin, the team receives 1 point.

Cloth pin bridge

As many as possible clothes pins are put together so that they build a bridge between two chairs. Who manages to build the longest bridge without everything falling to pieces?

Variation: instead of building a horizontal bridge, now build upwards. How many pins can be stacked one above the other? Which team builds the highest tower? Instead of holding the bottom pin, it can be fastened to something to provide maximum hold to the tower and prevent it from falling over.

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