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First Aid respectively what belongs into a camping First Aid Kit

Misadventure at a camp

Whether on a camp, a hiking holiday or during a sporting event a well-stocked first aid kit must be part of every outing with children and adolescents. However, what should this first aid equipment contain? This is a good question, yet no matter how well equipped your first aid kit is, you won’t be able to cover each and every emergency. Moreover, of course, a lot depends on where your trip goes.

What you must clarify before the camp

To be able to respond quickly to any arising emergency you need to specify the following

  • Where is the nearest hospital? (Write down the address and phone number)
  • Where is the nearest doctor? (Write down the address and phone number)
  • Clarify already at the registration:
    • Does the child need any medication
    • Which known allergies exist?
    • Vaccination, is there anything to consider?
  • Risks? (If in doubt, do not take a risk participant with you).

When you send the packing list home with the children, give some advice about what the children must bring themselves:

  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Band-Aid

If you have already a First Aid Kit, make sure that everything is “updated”, and nothing is missing.

Items which should not be missing from your First Aid Kit

  • Tweezers & Tick Forceps
  • Thermometer
  • Various plasters & scissors
  • Bandages, sterile compresses
  • Disinfectants
  • Burn ointment
  • Triangular cloth & safety pins
  • Elastic bandages
  • Ointment against insect bites
  • Aspirin
  • Paracetamol against fever and pain
  • Charcoal tablets for diarrhoea
  • After-Sun Lotion
  • Listerine
  • Vick

Anyone who ever travelled with children will find that no matter how well you are prepared, there is always something, which could be happening. Torn ligaments, leg or arm fractures, cuts, burns or even infected wasp stings mean that you need to visit the nearest hospital as soon as possible. There are places where I regularly camped with children, where everybody in the hospital knew me already.

Smaller injuries, however, can be treated with band-aids, bandages and scissors. Since the next doctor is not always within reach, you might have to walk a few kilometres.

Hygiene is also important, especially when you realise that a child has suffered a scratch or injury. Keep the wound clean and repeatedly provided a new band-aid or dressing if necessary.

Inflammation of the gums or possible dental reactions can be helped with Listerine at times. If necessary, this disinfected can tie you over until you get to the next dentist. I always have this with me, and it has already helped in one situation or another.

First Aid Kit at a camp
First Aid Kit at a camp

What may happen now and then is a sty on the eyelid. Never attempt to open it. Once I gave a participant the advice to pee on a cotton ball or toilet paper and wash the sty. This is a very natural approach, and, above all, you have peace for a long time. Later, the participant told me that he followed my advice. From there he had no problems with a sty ever again.

Vick helps for many ailments, such as coughing, hoarseness, runny nose or a headache.

Since I am not a friend of pills, in cases of a headache and mild fever we always try rest and sleep as a first attempt to bring about a recovery. Especially headaches can lead to fatigue or strain due to the camp operation and long nights. Some peace works wonders.

When participating in Easter camps, the temperature can fall below minus. Snow and rain are no strangers either. It is essential that the kids stay dry all days and all nights. Provide sufficient hot tea, a warm fire and additional blankets to minimise a possible cold.

Emergency Backpack and First Aid Kit

Depending on how many kids participate and where the camp is held, you will need different first aid kits. If you go hiking, you may take a rather small emergency package. If you are at a camp, you will need a well-equipped first aid kit.

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