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Qualities / Characteristics of a youth leader

What type of person should a youth worker be?

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  • Tolerant
  • Not uptight
  • A little older
  • Understanding
  • A contact person
  • Trustworthy
  • Accept suggestions
  • Can justify arguments and decisions instead of permanently forbidding
  • Flexible
  • To have authority but not abuse it
  • To be aware of his responsibility
  • Organiser
  • Improviser
  • Mediator
  • Have beliefs
  • A good example
  • Take time
  • Accept criticism
  • Give criticism
  • Have an overview
  • Inspiring
  • Humour
  • Versatile
  • Understanding
  • Empathy
  • He should know everyone
  • Loyalty
  • Bear responsibility
  • Democratic
  • Comradeship
  • Intelligent
  • Initiative
  • Idealism
  • Role model
  • Keep track of things
  • Prepared to help
  • Sense of community
  • Kind
  • Ability to improvise
  • Not biased
  • Self-possessed
  • Can build up a rapport with members and parents
  • Should not grow away from the group
  • Does not show himself to be unsure
  • Should have knowledge of group pedagogic
  • Should be able to recognise talents of individuals and apply them
  • No strong adaptations to suit the group members (as individuals or as a whole)
  • Popular
  • Observational
  • Organisational abilities
  • Self confidant
  • Articulate
  • Have factual knowledge
  • Be able to perceive the leading of a discussion
  • Knowledgeable
  • Should be able to admit to not knowing something
  • Adopt self recognition
  • Adopt and delegate abilities
  • Loyalty and love of the group and its members
  • eminent love
  • Active, interesting, orientated and real proclamations
  • Aplomb
  • Does not rule over the group but leads it
  • Explains decisions reasonably and transparently

What type of person should a youth leader not be?

  • Big Boss
  • Bourgeois
  • Inflexible
  • Stubborn
  • Inconsequent
  • Domineering
  • Boaster
  • No relationship to the group
  • Not prepared
  • Has favourites
  • Impatient
  • Cannot form friendships
  • Criticises group members in front of others
  • Not effective as a pastor
  • Inexperienced
  • Be pressed for time
  • Too young
  • Religious boss
  • Smoker
  • Drinker
  • Makes unrealistic demands
  • Uses the group as an outlet
  • Arrogant
  • Uncommunicative
  • Implausible
  • Ostentatious
  • Dogmatic
  • Not prepared to talk
  • Free time is a holiday

What does it mean to be become a youth leader? Lots of teenagers or young adults think it must be great to become a youth leader and to be member of staff or leader responsible for a group.

However most are not aware that such a task does not mean just to have 90 minutes spare time in a week to rush through the program. Most are also not aware that there are few great tasks involved in the job. A lot of time must be invested in the preparation; there is little recognition for what you do, no money and sometimes/often unsatisfied kids. This can quickly lead to a loss of interest in the assignment and dedication is distinctly reduced– very distinctly.

We do not do ourselves any favours if we recruit anyone straight away, without showing them the negative sides and without giving them a few months “thinking time” or even a “test period”. Due to the lack of youth workers, young recruits are often thrown in at the deep end and left alone, instead of offering them a 1-2 year accompaniment. Hardly anyone else who is starting their working life is thrown into such deep water. In general, there should be a long period in which to be become acquainted with the job, together with an accompanying person who is gradually taken away over a period of time so that the new worker can work independently.

Would you apply for this job?
Has someone discussed your “abilities” with you?
Have you had feedback to discuss possible extensions of your work or possible problems which might arise?

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