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Empowerment as a youth leader

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  • How did I become a youth leader?
  • Why did I become a youth leader?
  • Why do I want to remain a youth leader?

Mark 9, 14-29: The Healing of a Boy with an Evil Spirit – Jesus‘ disciples knew how to heal. They knew how they had to do this but they did not have the power. We cannot do something for God without placing our trust in him. We only receive his empowerment when we trust in him! Do you trust God in all aspects?

Empowerment: When it goes through the heart!

There are empowerments in everyday life. I receive my boss’ empowerment to sign the contract, for example. I know that my boss is behind me, he carries the responsibility of passing this empowerment on to me. It works the same with Jesus. We are qualified and justified by him. However I can also gamble away by authorisation if I work for myself.

1. Corinthians 3,9: For we are God's fellow workers – not just a youth group leader. I am lots more. Being a member of staff in God’s kingdom is a very big deal which must be taken seriously. How do you see yourself? There are pieces of advice and opinions but when I pass on God’s word, it is not my own personal opinion but God’s word. I do not gain from doing this and should not gain when I pass on words in his name. People will notice if someone is behind me and if I have empowerment.

Empowerment also means: I stand over things (floating over things is something else).

Standing over things means:

  • I have deep trust in the power of God
  • My life and my belief is not dependant upon moods and feelings
  • Someone is standing behind me (we can feel this)
  • I remain calm and have Oversight in crises situations
  • I follow a goal and keep it in view (Matthew. 28,18)
  • I look to Jesus
  • Jesus emits his love through me
  • Jesus has given me a clear word – not a word which opposes my life or is a different word every day. I therefore need a clear relationship to Jesus. My life is not allowed to be in conflict with my claims which I make to others. Someone who says one thing today and a different thing tomorrow is not clear about what they want themselves.

How does empowerment make an impact?

  • Passing on the word as if my word is the voice of God. I must pass on God’s word passively and not impassively. This is only way for others to be effected. God’s word does not come back empty. However there does not always have to be a visible reaction, but if I bring the word across with authority, there will be a reaction. Humans find each other and allow themselves to be at the holy service of Jesus.
  • Empowerment makes an impact in my own life through self denial, so that Jesus can work through us and with us. Self denial: Exercises in your own interests, exercises for “me myself” and delivering your life to Jesus.
  • Empowerment is a question of my own humbleness, of my trust, my dedication, my friends, my love, my private life and my dependence on God.

Empowerment in prayer and community:

Are we reliant on others praying for us? Yes. If I know that others pray for my work, I receive power. I am not standing there alone and carrying all of the responsibility and troubles myself. I receive confidence. If we rely upon the prayers of others, other people rely on our prayers. We cannot focus on our group alone, but on the whole picture and all of the work in God’s kingdom. A circle who prays for and with each other is a great blessing, and then the empowerment can be spread out. Praying together, having a community where we can recharge our batteries, breathing in and breathing out are all important for keeping God’s empowerment. Going it alone, disobedience and greed will hinder empowerment.

How can I keep God’s empowerment?

  1. I believe in God’s greatness – I am entrusted with a lot

    God leads the direction. I do not have to do everything. I am an entrepreneur in my own matter. I would like to work for him at my workplace with all of my power.

  2. I have decided upon this service and I am dutied to it.

    I do not want to do this service as long as it does not annoy me or until a crisis arises: "Do not set your course to the left or to the right." Lots of sloppy members of staff or leaders might neglect the group if they do not have time or cannot be bothered, are tired, are down or are resigned. It is important whether someone is explicit and completely there. The group members quickly notice if someone is not fully interested in them.

  3. A life in writing

    "If you would please bear with me ..." That what does not apply to me, will also not apply to others. Bible studies should be for me personally, not for the group. Isaiah 50: The Sovereign LORD has given me an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary. Only those who were full of ears can do this.

  4. A life with the bible is a life in prayer

    Intercession for the group; for every one of them. That is also empowerment: there are boys with whom I cannot speak, but I can speak to God about them = that is empowerment. Check your prayers. How do I pray and for whom? Do we talk at God or do we talk with God?

  5. A life with system and prudence.

    I must find an equal balance for work and rest and for eating and drinking. What and how we speak. Bonhöfer once said: Never speak about a third person who is not there. Are our conversations not damaging to others?

  6. A life of compassion/ love

    We are not here to hurt each other. I must see the boys as people for whom Jesus died. Then I look at the boys in a different light.

  7. A life in the community

    It does not work alone. My group is not only my task, but I also have a whole community who carries out my task with me. The community needs me as a brother. It does not need a freeloader. I must bring something into the community. Look for a community to which you can contribute something and which will support you and your group.

  8. A life as a Pastor.

    Do I have someone who I can talk to about my mistakes?

  9. A life in forgiveness

    If you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins (Mark 11,20-26)

  10. A life in this world

    The religious world cannot be your own world. I must live as a Christian in this world. Can’t I only be Christian in my group or church?

  11. A life in waiting for Jesus

    That keeps us from resigning. There is helplessness in the whole world. The arrival of Jesus solves helplessness and hopelessness.

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