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Pirates: Games and Pirate Party Ideas

Who is searching for a few children’s games and ideas for an exciting theme for a children’s party? Or who wants to plan a pirate feast during the next camp? You will find a few ideas for such a party in the next few pages. Approx. 50 children’s games are included, approx. 15 craft ideas as well as a few other ideas on the pirate theme.

Some of the games included are for younger children and some are for older children. When choosing a game, you should make sure that the rules are suitable for the age of the children. A pirate fest is probably exactly the right thing for 8-12 year olds. If you do not find any suitable pirate games, take a look in the other game collection categories and make up your own pirate game with a little imagination.

Invitation and pirate fest decorations

Invitation for a children’s party

If you want to organise a children’s party with a “pirate” motto, the invitation should be as exciting as possible so that the children really look forward to the event. What types of invitations are imaginable?

  • The invitation for the pirate fest is transmitted as a message in a bottle. To remove the invitation from the bottle, it is recommended that you fix the rolled up paper onto the cork with a band.

  • An invitation to the pirate party is written on a piece of a treasure map. The other guests have the other pieces of the map. Please keep a few replacement cards in reserve, as if some children do not come, their piece of the map will be missing. The pieces of the treasure map are important for one of the games.

  • The invitation for the pirate party is written on a parchment roll, sealed with a wax seal and tied together with a ribbon.

  • The invitation itself should be made to look really old. White pieces of paper can be soaked in black tea then left out to dry. The paper then has a yellowy colour. The edges can then be torn and roughened, although this should be done by an adult.

  • Now the only thing missing is the text of the invitation, which should be written with black ink or even in invisible ink (lemon juice, milk or onion juice).

  • A more complicated invitation might be a piece of driftwood with the message branded into the wood and a few chocolate gold coins attached.


Will the children’s party take place at home, outside or even on a pirate’s camp? The correct decorations cannot be missing. The room (the tent, the hut, the kitchen, the party cellar, the garage, etc…) should be decorated as a pirate’s ship or a public house.

  • An old barrel, old boxes and a long board serve as a bar, to sit on and for some of the children’s games. ??Bottles with dripping candles, oil lamps or jam jars with candles as lanterns can be used to light up a pirate’s party.

  • A camouflage net, a tree net or an old curtain decorated with shells, starfish and paper fish should be hung from the ceiling.

  • Hang a few sabres, muskets and of course a skull and crossbones flag on the wall.

  • If you have them, a treasure chest, a rudder, an anchor and a roll of rope can be laid in the corner. If you are using candles, you should make sure that no paper table cloths are used and the net is well fixed to the ceiling.

Pirate food and drinks for the pirate party

When pirates were on the seas for weeks on end, they did not get a three course menu every day. The pirates usually had to get used to simple ships rusks, bread soup with foul water, fish, and dried fruits with beer, water and rum to drink. There was also a chicken every now and again, which were taken on board alive and became less and less. Citrus fruits were used to fight against scabies.

  • Eating manners

    Pirates who eat with a knife and fork and sit nicely at the table? Hardly! The kids will have fun eating like it shouldn’t be done for once. Eating with the hands and burping a bit louder than usual while growling and making noise. What do kids like to eat at a pirate party?

  • The meals

    Fish fingers, chicken legs, simple bread soup, horribly normal ships rusks with butter, cheese, eggs or garnished nicely with jam, dried fruit and nut mix, spaghetti with tomato sauce, chips (of course) and a fruit basket.

  • The drinks

    Horribly normal water, citrus mixed drinks (your own creations are required), children’s beer, rum, (children’s punch with oranges, apple juice or pear juice and mineral water – there are many possibilities here, you can even hide sweets in ice cubes) or children’s mulled wine (grape juice, orange juice, sugar, bag of mixed spices).

Pirate names and functions

  • The captain:

    Next to the crew, there is a captain on a pirate’s ship. Who can be the captain? Wild and adventurous, cunning and clever, combative, fast und skilful; those are a few of the characteristics required.

  • The crew:

    Beside the captain there was also a quarter master, a good navigator and the boatman, who were all important people. Canon masters with a good eye for a target as well as real warhorse cannot be missing from a pirate’s ship.

  • The names:

    Famous buccaneers, bounty hunters and pirates had names such as: Henry Morgan, Jean Lafitte, Edward Teach (Black Beard), Anne Bonny, Sir Francis Drake, Jack Rackham, Klaus Störtebeker, Captain William Kidd, Christopher Condent, Bartholomew Roberts, Henry Avery, Charles Vane, Francois Lolonois, Stede Bonnet, William Dampier, Godecke Michels, Samuel Bellamy, Woodes Rogers, George Lowther.

    Each pirate is allowed to choose a name or think one up for himself in our pirate fest: die venturous Seven, Störtebeckers Crew, Captain Flint, Peg Leg Joe, Red Beard, Black Jack, One-eye, Dagger Jim, Captain roughneck, Stubbly Beard, 3 Finger Jack...

Pirate rules

(These were real rules…..but have been altered slightly ...)

  • All important decisions are to be made after discussion with the group.

  • Anyone who does not follow the rules is thrown out (penalty points are also OK).

  • Everything must be kept clean. (Tents, room, weapons, hook, cabin, galley ...)

  • No women are allowed on board. (Well that might mean: No boys and no girls in the cabins of the opposite sex).

  • Anyone, who abandons ship during a battle, is executed (that means no chickening out).

  • All conflicts within the team are sorted out on land (this means: the current task is the most important thing...)

  • The captain and the quarter master receive 2 parts of any booty won, the canon master and the boatman receive 1.5 parts, other officers receive 1.25 parts and all other crew members get one part (must not be exactly split like this).

  • All injuries are compensated. Everyone who loses a limb during a fight receives an extra part of the booty. (This means: Any scrapes incurred during a game are rewarded later).

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