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Overview: Short stories – stories for children and teens

Derek – Run away

Agitated, Derek runs home from school. "Mum, mum!” he calls as he slams the door shut. "Can you believe it? Jens has run away. The police were at school”. "Calm down first of all and tell me everything one thing after the other”, says Derek’s mother. "Well - Jens is in my class and he is missing without a trace since yesterday afternoon. His parents informed the police and they were in our school this morning and asked lots of questions. But no one knew anything. Then the police drove off to go in search and passed on a description of him. Every police station and border control knows about it and will keep their eyes peeled.” "Then we should pray for Jens”, suggests Derek’ mother. "Lord Jesus, you know that Jens is missing without a trace. We ask you for him to be found quickly. Do not let anything happen to him. You can help his parents as well. Please give them a good outcome and make sure that the family recognises that you are God, that you forgive sins and that you help in a crisis."

After two there is still no new information. Jens is still missing. Derek and his parents pray every day for Jens and his parents.

"They have found him – or rather: caught him!” shouts Derek before he comes through the door into the living room. "Come in first and then tell me everything” Derek’s mother calls just as loudly back. - "Today in the first maths period, the maths teacher ... maths was terrible again today. Just percentages and ..."-"...

Derek! Stick to the subject!” says Derek’s mum nosily and a little impatiently. "Well, in the maths period Mr Werner said: Immigration officers caught Jens yesterday evening. He was on the border to Poland but he was not alone. Harry, a boy from Jens’ gang who is three years older, was also there.

They have caught him as well. The two of them had been up to no good together and that is why they did a bunk. A policeman fetched them last night and brought them back to their parents", splutters from Derek’s mouth. Afterwards they thanked God that both boys were back home safely again.

On the next day Derek brought more new home with him: "Jens didn’t really want to run away but Harry spent so long convincing him. He was scared that Jens would admit everything that they had done... Now they have to work in the drinks wholesalers, where they broke in, in the autumn holidays as a punishment.”

Derek has known Jens since kindergarten. He knows that Jens can never say no, not to good ideas and unfortunately not to bad ideas. He always has to be in on the fray. Derek realises once again how important it is to set the limits with a clear “no!”

Possible parts of the bible relevant to the story:

  • Be faithful in prayer. ( Romans 12,12)
  • My son, if sinners entice you, do not give in to them. (Proverbs 1,10)

(Source: "Der Kompass" edition 2000, a daily calendar for children and young people in Germany. The story was allowed to be included in the collection of materials ( / with kind permission.)
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