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Short stories – stories for children and teens

It is not always easy to bring some parts of the bible closer to children. With the use of short stories and life real examples the children find it easier to understand what is said. The stories presented here are read out or told within 5 minutes. Some suitable bible references for the story are usually mentioned at the end. You can either try to explain the bible reference with the help of the short story, or you can tell the story and then use your own words to make a short explanation.

On the knife edge

„But you know that our parents have forbidden us to do that. And anyway ... I am scared", answered Nelly. "Ach, do not be a coward! And anyway - no one will see us", calls Meiko and runs off (From obedience and lies)

The treasure of the Quintanadoine

Rumours are spreading about the sunken ship: The real load included gold and valuables from the royal family of king Louis XVI and others, value of the load: more than 40 million Euro. (from perusing treasure)

The Christians in ancient Rome

Marcus and Caius belong to the emperor’s court. Since they have become Christians they would prefer to keep away from the whole show. However staying away would sentence them to death. It is not advisable to annoy Nero.

Little Wolf

Silently the Red Indian boy Little Wolf creeps up to the camp fire. Not a single twig snaps. Little Wolf masters creeping up as well as some boys today can play football. (God does not want your gifts. God wants you.)

Stone Ages

Kor had learnt from his father to keep thanking God, the creator, that he gave humans such capabilities. He does not believe in spirits and idols made of stone or wood unlike some of the neighbouring villages. They forget the eternal God! That brings them bad luck in their lives! They lie to each other and hate each other. That leads to war and death!

The tailspin

Dick’s stiff hands are clambering like clamps at the edge of the rudder. He does not want to die. But his energy is failing. Now he calls to God. Will God listen to him, the person who had often taken God’s name in vain? Despairing with fear and stiff from the cold Dick hangs onto the end of the wreck which is slowly but surely disappearing into the waves. A few minutes and then...

Constantine of Tischendorf

Just like all biblical scriptures the Codex Sinaiticus confirms the truthfulness and uniqueness of the bible. Using it God has revealed himself to the people for thousands of years. Using the bible God shows the way to peace with him through faith.

Derek – run away

Derek has known Jens since kindergarten. He knows that Jens can never say no, not to good ideas and unfortunately not to bad ideas. He always has to be in on the fray. Derek realises once again how important it is to set the limits with a clear “no!”


But Svenja is not so cool deep down inside. She gets annoyed with herself. An awful feeling is eating her up inside that something has really gone wrong. There is no good feeling about the approval of the other person inside her.

Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor slowly pulls his hand out of his trouser pocket and hands over his last coin to the family, his whole possession. Then he is free inside, as he can give the dying inconsolable woman the best message possible: "Jesus loves you."

Margarete Steiff

The tailor shop has turned into a real toy factory with lots of workers. Margarete thankfully takes everything from God’s hand. She keeps inventing new stuffed toys. Although the material is expensive and the work is complicated she starts to sew teddy bears – bears with proper fur and bright glass eyes. There had been nothing like it before.

Nicky Cruz

The following tale is a true story. The story is about the former boss of a youth gang in New York

The peacock and Miss Rabbit

One only sees properly with the heart. Antoine de Saint-Exupery talks of the desire of humans to feel secure and be cared for. He himself experienced the highs, lows and richness of life.


... Yesterday in the lesson he begged me to give a letter to Sabrina. I only glanced at it and saw that “I love you, will you go out with me” was written inside. Somehow I was really saddened.

Stories for young people

In order to introduce certain subjects to youths, certain conversational introductory stories to tell or read out are suitable. These short stories can be used as a hook. One or two short stories may have to be altered or expanded so that they suit the group or the age of the youths.

The stories mentioned here are generally for conversations with youths. At the end of each story there are a few pointers for a possible introduction into a conversation. Of course you should always: think for yourself. Development and adaptation is necessary otherwise you will not have the desired success.

The uncool party

Nick knows that he should really keep his fingers away from the alcohol. But Nick wants to belong, wants to be as cool as the others and not be seen as a party pooper. He doesn’t feel happy at all but he wants to be part of it and not disappoint his friends. (Alcohol and peer pressure)

I have smoked before

In a flashback a former smoker tells us how he began to smoke cigarettes and why he has given up. Tim was really cool with his jokes and his chaotic stories he was always telling. He had a talent in making people laugh. This lad was really the only one in our gang who didn’t smoke! I can remember that clearly. Nowadays I can only say: „Respect, Tim!” (Smoking).


Jürgen – disappointed by his father, irritated by other school kids, treated unfairly by the teacher and then simply ditched by his girlfriend. Jürgen must be eaten up inside by this humiliation. Over time the kettle starts to boil over and a little spark is enough for Jürgen’s fuse to blow. (Snapping and running amok)

300 Euro

A boy whose parents are umemployed is going out with a rich girl. He suffers under the fact that he cannot offer her anything and is frightened he will lose her. He simply steals some money from his girlfriend’s parents because they have enough anyway. (Temptation, jealousy and excuses).


A story about a young person who becomes addicted to cocaine (Narcotics and the decline).

Friendship at any cost

I have always been pretty quiet and shy; I simply found it difficult to integrate myself in society. I never took part in any discussions because I did not have the courage to stand up for my opinions.

Pascal and his porn films

Talk about porn movies with teens: A 14-year-old found in his brother’s bedroom, porn movies. Over time, he gets addicted to those porn movies and they start to blend into the real world.

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