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Overview: Short stories – stories for children and teens

Title: Fidget-Phillip

Subject: Was that my first love?

We moved house and now I am going into a new year four. Everything is different. The school is bigger, different class mates, different teachers. It was difficult for me at first, I always stood on my own in the playground and everyone used to look at me. Jasmin from my class spoke to me and then we were always together during break times. Jasmine and her friend Nathalie have also somehow become my friends. The other girls in my class are not interested in me; they are only interested in boys, makeup or fashion. They always make themselves up and are always dressed stylishly. They are also the most popular; particularly Sabrina and Nathalie.

Everybody likes them and they are always allowed to cook during home economics- we are only ever allowed to wash up which I find unfair. The boys are always writing them love letters and once I was able to see what was written in one of them. I don’t write letters anymore because the teacher has forbidden it and gets quite angry when we do it, and my writing pads finish so quickly. The coolest guys are called Phillip and Jadran. Phillip always falls of his chair and makes everyone laugh. Because of this the teacher calls him Fidget-Phillip. He has blonde hair and blue eyes and always dresses like a hip hopper, talking of which I only like Rock. Sometimes I don’t like him at all, because he pushes my friend Jasmine and says things to her. He has never done it to me. He also has to take tablets at ten thirty. My mum says they are to treat ADHS. Actually he never has good grades and doesn’t pay attention, however he does sometimes dance in the playground and all the others watch. He is also always funny and irritates our teacher. Yesterday in the lesson he begged me to give a letter to Sabrina. I only glanced at it and saw that “I love you, will you go out with me” was written inside. Somehow I was really saddened. All of a sudden HSE with Steinzeit was no longer fun. He also always looks at Sabi in Music when she sings “I like you and you like me”. This bugs me too. Once he picked me up so that I could go to Sabi’s and knock on her door because Sabi’s dad doesn’t like him. Sabi wasn’t allowed out, and so we went to the play ground but didn’t know what to do. That was the only time that he picked me up. He also told me that he and Sabi were an item. But Sabrina said that he stinks.

A contribution from Julia Grunski.

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