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Indian boy Little Wolf

The little Indian boy Wolf silently stalks up to the camp fire. Not a single twig snaps as he die cowers on the ground. This is due to the fact that Little Wolf masters creeping silently just like boys today master playing football. Indian women are kneeling down beside the fire, a couple of old Krieger, and ... Little Wolf does not believe his eyes: Strong Bear and even Chief Wild Buffalo are there! A white man is sitting between the two men. He has come from the country, which is far away on the other side of the water, to talk to the Indians from the book of God. He sometimes uses words from a language which only Strong Bear and his brother Black Horse understand, who had both been to the pale faced peoples towns. However the man mainly spoke in their tribe language.

Little Wolf can hear every word in his hide out: "The great God made humans. God loves us but we humans do not always listen to God, we often do things which are bad: Lies, stealing, bad thoughts – God calls those things “sins”. These sins separate us from God, because he does not want to see the sins. Like the valley between two mountains, the badness separates us from God."

Little Wolf understood the meaning of sins. He had also lied before and annoyed his sister. Can he really not become close to God because of this? "There must be some possibility!" ponders Little Wolf, as he crept back.

On the next evening even more Indians were by the camp fire than yesterday. Little Wolf hesitates a little. None of his friends are there. They would probably laugh at him.... Suddenly Little Wolf felt a hand on his shoulder. "Come and listen to the white man", said Strong Bear. “Then you don’t need to hide behind the bush!" Somebody had seen him yesterday!

Today the white man is talking about Jesus Christ, the son of God. "God sent his son to earth. He lived amongst the people almost 2000 years ago. The Lord Jesus never sinned, quite the opposite, he healed lots of sick people and even raised people from the dead. However the people did not want him. They hated him so much that they killed him in the end. He died on the cross as the innocent one and died for all human sins. "The missionary took a little break and then he continued: "The great God in heaven can therefore forgive all of the bad things in our lives, if we tell him, because the Lord Jesus paid the price for our sins. It is as if he is now a bridge over the deep valley of sins."

"Then there is a way to God", thinks Little Wolf relieved, but simply talking to God?

"I am going to bring God a gift, because he sacrificed his son Jesus. That will surely impress him more then if I simply tell him all about my sins. "He falls asleep with these thoughts. Was Little Wolf right about that?

Early in the morning Little Wolf is already on his feet. He eats his breakfast quickly and then takes his tomahawk, the little hatchet with the sharp, shiny blade and a painted wooden handle. With determination he walks up to the white man’s tent. "I ..., I heard what you told us at the camp fire", says Little Wolf sluggishly, but then he blurts out: "I would like to get to God too. I want to tell him that I love him because he let his son Jesus die for my sins....

For this reason, I would like to give God my tomahawk!"

The missionary shook his head: "The tomahawk is not enough, Little Wolf", he said, "God wants more from you!" The Indian boy crept away sadly. God does not want his tomahawk will. Maybe ... Little Wolf doesn’t even think about the end of the sentence, but collects an embroidery bag from the tent wall and runs back with big steps. "White man", he gasps, "here is the bow and arrow from my father who gave me it before he died. I would like give this to God!" The missionary shook his head once again: "It still isn’t enough. God wants even more from you!"

On this evening Little Wolf though long and hard. Suddenly he thinks about something...

Little Wolf creeps out of the tent on the next day before breakfast. He has his lasso with him and hauls in his pony Flying Wind. The pony neighs happily but Little Wolf does not want to chase with him over the prairies today. What he wants to do is very, very difficult. However God had sacrificed his son, so shouldn’t he give God his pony?

"I would like to give God my pony". Little Wolf’s voice shakes a little as he stands in front of the missionary. "Is that still too little?" The missionary nods. "It still isn’t enough!" - "but I haven’t got anything else", retorts Little Wolf. "How can I show God that I love him?"

"God does not want any of your gifts. God wants you yourself, Little Wolf", answers the missionary. "Everything that you brought is very valuable, but they cannot pay for your sins. The Lord Jesus wants your heart. He wants you yourself! He wants you to confess your sins, and ask him to come into your life. This is the way to show him that you love him!" "Can I simply speak to God?", asks Little Wolf doubtfully. "Yes, quite simply", nods the missionary. Then Little Wolf prays for the first time in his life. "Lord Jesus, you see lots of bad things which I have already done. I am very sorry for this, please forgive me. Come into my heart and help me to live just like you want me to. Thank you for dying for me."

"Your friends might not understand you when you tell them that you want to follow the Lord Jesus." The white man looked at Little Wolf amiably "but the Lord Jesus will help you to do what he would like. You can ask him everyday." The Indian boy’s dark eyes lighted up joyfully as he said goodbye to the man who had showed him Jesus. Then he gallops away on Flying Wind and he is rid of his guilty sins – everything is forgiven.

He could not impress God with gifts, because had already given the biggest gift ever: his own son who he sacrificed for him. If we do not care for God and the Lord Jesus today, then we will never be able to enter heaven and be with him. Our sins will always stand between us and God. However God does not want us to be separated from him. For this reason, even today he still explains everything in his book, the bible: "Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved." (Apostles 16,31)

It is possible that everything is still so new to you. Then keep reading the bible and you will get to know Jesus and God, just like Little Wolf, the little Indian boy living somewhere in the middle of the prairies.

  • Jesus spoke to them: and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. ( Luke 24,47)

  • For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith — not by works... ( Ephesians 2,8.9)

  • God says: my son, give me your heart and let your eyes keep to my ways, (Proverbs 23,26)

  • We implore you on Christ's behalf: Be reconciled to God! ( 2. Corinthians 5,20)

  • This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers. (John 3,16)

(Source: "Der Kompass" edition 2000, a daily calendar for children and young people in Germany. This story was given to our collection of materials with kind permission.
Copyright: Circulation of Christian Writings (, Translation from German into English by Youthwork-Practice.)

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