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Overview: Short stories – stories for children and teens

The peacock and Miss Rabbit

Theme: One only sees properly with the heart

There once was a peacock that searched for love.

He said to himself: “This should be an easy task, finding someone for myself”. He then proudly strutting to and fro opened up his magnificent tail of feathers and admired himself in the window. He then went into a bar in which he suspected there would be willing females.

The host greeted this new guest politely “Good evening Mr Peacock, a warm welcome and I will be with you shortly”. He then turned back to the other guests at the bar. Mr Chicken and Mr Sparrow were talking about a spectacular rescue mission from a net. Risking his life, the courageous Mr chicken had saved his small friend from certain death. The lady rabbit who had meanwhile taken a seat at the bar was very impressed and proud of the solidarity between the two friendly fliers.

“Excuse me” sneered Mr Peacock emphatically, “I am awaiting first class service and expect to be seated in the best seat of the house”. Arrogantly he continued to boast, and whilst looking at towards the bar said: “Whichever of the ladies wishes to have an unforgettable evening should accompany me. You can clearly see what to expect?”

Harrumphing he pointed at his impressive appearance. With his eyes rolling the host directed the peacock to the table next to the bar. A magnificent sunset shone through the adjacent window creating a glow around Mr Peacock’s feathers. It was already late and Miss Rabbit was tired and wanted to say her goodbyes. As she got up, Mr Peacock boldly stood in her way: “You couldn’t resist me, am I right? Well you’ve got the main prize, come to my table lovely lady – you will have no regrets” He then pulled Miss Rabbit close and insolently pinched her cheek. The lady freed herself from his grip shocked, but kept her composure. Quietly but firmly she said: “One can only see properly with our hearts, the most essential things are invisible to the eyes, or what do you think Mr Peacock?”

A story and contribution from Heike Heun

Thoughts about the text:

The phrase “One only sees properly with the heart” comes from Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Antoine de Saint-Exupery talks of the desire of humans to feel secure and be cared for. He himself experienced the highs, lows and richness of life. In his books you can always read about how despite everything “life can be successful”. A very impressive and child suitable audio-CD is ‘The Little Prince’.

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