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100 tips for staff

Tip 80 - 90

Here in Romans 12, 1-6 the image of the body comes up again like in 1. Corinthians 12. Apply your various talents and abilities accordingly. No one should overestimate themselves but remain modest.

  1. Remain modest

    A virtue which is difficult. We easily fall into the trap of wanting to achieve more. When trying to achieve more we fall on our faces.

  2. Do not overestimate yourself

    We always want to become faster or reach higher. If you are riding the wave of success it can easily end in overestimation. That is dangerous in youth work. You bring yourself and your group into danger. The wrecking or folding of the whole group can be the result.

  3. Stick together and let everyone work with their talents

    We have arrived at this image again: we are strong together and if everyone applies their personal skills at the right time in the right place (optimal resource management) then the things which were planned will be a success. When there is no co-operation, when people work against each other rather than with each other and when skills are applied incorrectly it is more likely to be a failure.

In the epistle of Revelations chapter 2, 1 to chapter 3, 22 different communities are spoken to. Each one had their good and bad sides. Some got carried away for it is better to take one step and turn around than to keep running in the wrong direction. The comment arises once again about not falling asleep. Jesus used the parable of the foolish virgins to make this point. The virgins had slept and had missed the decisive point when the bridegroom arrived.

  1. Do not suffer any evils

    This tip does not mean that you should throw everyone out of your group who makes a scene. It is not meant like that but you state clearly what you will not suffer and which consequences it can have.

  2. Expose liars

    It can happen that there are children/youths in your group who lie to others or even steal from them. Afterwards no one admits to it. This is not a nice situation and it can disturb the group atmosphere. If you manage to expose a liar then try to have a confidential word with him/her. Maybe they will change their behaviour in the future.

  3. Take care that you do not lose your first love

    (compare Luke 6, 20; 2.Corinthians 6, 10 and James 2, 5) What is meant here is that you should not let go of Jesus. Make sure that you are as joyful nowadays as in the past as you started to believe. Faith changes over time but the love of Jesus should never reduce. Maybe your love towards youth work will change but you should never lose sight of the real goal – to carry out the missionary command.

  4. Turn around when you have gotten carried away and are running in the wrong direction

    This can also happen at times – you get carried away with an idea. You do not notice that the idea is leading in the wrong direction. If others inform you that they do not think it is such a good idea maybe you will find it difficult to take a step back from your opinion. If you should realise that you have gotten carried away, have the courage to turn around because every day you run in the wrong direction is a day lost.

Although there are bound to be people in your proximity who live very extravagantly and do not have any regard for faith in Jesus, the author wants to give you the courage to hold on. He wants to give you the courage to stand up to other group members who spread false (satanic) preaching or those who live a life of sexual experimentation. Of course this can cause these things to spread through your group like an epidemic and you do not want your group to be involved in sexual debauchery. Some things start off with a harmless dirty joke which can be harmful to one or two people in the group. Be a role model and try to talk about the relevant “causes” (compare Revelations 2, 12-3, 13)

  1. Do not suffer any false teachers

    This might occur seldom but in extreme cases there might be members of your group who get involved with „false teachers” and actively canvass others. You should not let this happen.

  2. Do not suffer Satanism or occultism

    Occultism and Satanism is „legendary” among youths. It can quickly lead to youths wanting to try the things out which they have picked up or seen somewhere. You should try to seize these subjects and clarify them.

  3. Do not suffer sexual debauchery

    ((compare Numbers 31,16; 25,1-2)) You have the responsibility to make sure that everything which goes on in your group or camp is legal due to youth protection laws. Otherwise you can quickly run into problems with the state.

  4. Keep away from filth

    You are certainly no decent role model if you accept pornographic magazines or porno films within your group or if you tell obscene jokes yourself. If your thoughts revolve around such things then you will forget Jesus or only put him in second place. Do not let it get this far and protect your group members from it.

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