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Games and ideas for the Christmas party

Every year the question is who will organise the Christmas party in the club or in the group time. In addition to the Christmas decorations, the Christmas tree, Christmas biscuits and candles, a fringe program also required. Here are just a few ideas, keep the kids interested and can be combined with each other. There are further game possibilities in the candle games category.

Christmas theme quiz

  1. Pictionary

    Christmas tree, Santa Claus, star, angel, candle, wax, Myrrh...

  2. Pantomimes

    Maria, Joseph, shepherd, Herod, advents candles, Christmas tree, baubles ...)

  3. Recognising songs

    Sing/gurgle songs and the group members must guess what they are

  4. The wrong nativity play

    The Christmas story is changed in 10 places – who will notice all 10 wrong sections

  5. Christmas quiz questions

    • In which book is the Christmas story written?
    • In which book is the longest Christmas story written?
    • Why did Mary and Joseph move to Bethlehem?
    • Which are animals are present in the Christmas story?
    • List the visitors at the crib in the correct order?
    • Name 3 animals from the Christmas story? (Ox, donkey, sheep)
    • Name a present Christmas animal! (Christmas turkey)
    • The 3 kings followed the star. Which Christmas object reminds us of this today? (Straw star)
    • Name 3 jobs which are described in the Christmas story (carpenter, shepherd and publican)
    • Where is a coin hidden at Christmas? (In the Christmas pudding)
    • What were the 3 kings called? (Melchior, Casper, Balthazar)
    • Who was the Kaiser when Jesus was born? (Augustus)
  6. Christmas puzzle

    Different Christmas posters or cards are stuck onto cardboard and are cut into a puzzle. The Christmas story is cut out into phrases which must be put back together (without using the bible for help).

Introduction for the Christmas party

  1. Mary and Joseph are looking for a bed

    Mary and Joseph are looking for a place for the night. Different stations, situations and attempts to find a bed are played. The introduction can be played as an improvisation with little tests and different scenes. It might also be possible to transfer the ideas into the present day.

    Questions for thoughts:

    • Which sections of society have similar problems today?
    • Who is dejected in present times? Who do we want to have nothing to do with?
    • Who would be happy to receive an invitation?
  2. The shepherds in the fields

    Different shepherd characters are played, who show what the shepherds though about the Messiah.

  3. Questions for reflection:

    • Who is your Messiah?
    • Would you also hurry to the crib?
    • What do you expect to see there?
    • What is your star which shows you the way to Jesus?
    • They all brought gifts for Jesus – what would you bring as a gift for Jesus?
  4. Further Christmas ideas

Games for a Christmas/advents’ party

  1. Wrapping gifts

    2 players wrap a gift. Everyone is only allowed to use one hand. You will need sticky tape and paper. Not only the speed counts, but also the final presentation of the gift.

  2. Recognising songs

    Christmas songs are played from a CD. Who can recognise the title the quickest?

  3. Vaseline race

    For this game you will need a cotton wool ball per team and Vaseline. Each child has the same amount of Vaseline smeared on their nose. On the signal, the cotton wall ball must be passed on from child to child with the nose. Hands are kept behind the back.

  4. Vaseline beard

    A bowl full of cotton wool balls is placed position for each team. Each child smears some Vaseline onto their chin (cheeks as well if required). On the signal, the first child sets off, sticks his head in the bowl and runs back. The winning team is the team with the most cotton wool balls stuck to their faces after one minute. The hands are kept behind the back. Any fallen balls do not count.

  5. Estimating sweets

    Fill a large glass with sweets (teddy bears, bonbons, pieces of chocolate). Who can guess the exact number of sweets?

  6. Gift thoughts

    Even after a short amount of time, we often no longer know who gave us the Christmas presents we received. The memory is trained in this game. Take 10 different gifts and remember the gifts with names such as "Uncle Bob", "Auntie Frieda", "from Mummy" etc. Each player has one minute to look at the presents and try to remember them. Then they are asked

    • Which presents were lying under the tree?
    • Who is the gift from?

    Option: After they have seen all of the presents, one is removed. Who will notice which one is missing?

  7. Drawing

    Place a book on your head and hold it in place with one hand. Place a sheet of paper on the book and start to draw with the other hand. – Draw a floor – with a Christmas tree on it – hang a star on the tree – draw some presents under the tree - etc. There is one point per correct drawing. This means one point if the tree is on the ground and one point if the star is on the tree and not in mid-air etc.

  8. Santa Claus model

    Using wrapping paper, shaving foam, sack material and red fabric, one of the group members is made into a Santa Claus. The designs are judged at the end.

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