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Christmas plays


Child, mother, father, Mary and Joseph

1. Scene

(In the living room mother is decorating the Christmas tree and father is reading the newspaper)

Mother: It is cold in here.
Father: Ach rubbish.
Mother: It really is cold.
Father: Why do you say such things?
Mother: Because I’m freezing. I’ve already got 2 pullovers on.
Father: But it’s warm.
Mother: Why am I freezing cold then?
Father: Because – doesn’t matter (throws his newspaper onto the table and goes to the fire). Then I’ll put the fire on again.
(In the meantime, mother fetches some peppers and starts to chop)
(Father comes back, sits back down in his seat and carries on reading the newspaper)
Father: (Looks up from his newspaper annoyed) Man, will you quit that?!
Mother: Quit what?
Father: Quit the racket. How am I supposed to read my newspaper in peace?
Mother: Racket? I am only cutting peppers. You were moaning about being hungry before.
Father: What? You call that moaning? I only asked when dinner will be ready. That was only a question.
Mother: Don’t get annoyed now. You could ... stop, wait a minute.
Father: What?
Mother: Quiet!
Father: What is wrong?
Mother: Outside...
Father: Are you hearing voices as well now? No wonder with this racket...
Mother: Will you please be quiet!
Father: I’m not saying anything. Not a peep. I am a quiet as a mouse. You’re the only one picking and talking rubbish. What is it then?
Mother: Probably nothing. (Goes back to work)
Father: Aha.
Mother: The bottle of oil is empty. I’ll pop over to the Schneider’s and fetch some.
(Takes off her apron and leaves the room.)

2. Scene

(Living room – the child comes in)

Father: It is 7 o’clock.
Child: Quarter to.
Father: We agreed on half past six.
Child: Have I missed anything?
Father: I through you could help us a bit today.
Child: Crisps and cake will do me.
Father: Now act decently for once. We wanted to make it nice today.
Child: If you think that we should be singing: „Away in manger“and stuff, you can forget it. I am too old for that. (Sits on the sofa and switches the television on – we hear a report on homelessness)
Father: What do we men want in the kitchen anyway? (Sits down in a seat and reads the newspaper).

3. Scene

(Living – mother comes in)

Mother: What is going on in the garage, there is a light on!
Child: Oh yeah, the light is on? You mean the street lamp in front of the garage door.
Mother: Come on, I am not stupid. I heard some voices as well. (Turns to father) Should we call the police?
Child: Stop. Slow down. There is a very simple explanation.
Mother: Oh yes and that would be?
Child: Yes, well. Well that should I explain it to you?
Father: Come on, spit it out. Or is our Christmas a massive electricity bill?
Child: OK, OK. This afternoon, two guys starting talking to me. There was a woman. She had a bundle in her arms, it might have been a baby or something doesn’t matter. Anyway, they couldn’t travel any further. They didn’t have any money for a ticket and I believe them from the way they looked.
Father: But you haven’t...
Child: Yes, I put them up in our garage. I thought it’d be OK just for a couple of nights...
Mother: But...
Father: (demanding) Go down there at once and explain...
Child: we can’t. It’s Christmas today.
Mother: Forget it, it was 2000 years ago.
Father: And everything is different nowadays.
Child: OK, I’ll go down. But I am not getting involved in anything else today! (Goes)

4. Scene

(In the garage, Joseph and Mary are talking)

Mary: It’s a bit chilly.
Joseph: There aren’t any heaters here. But there’s some wood over there.
Mary: There really is! There are 3 canisters of petrol as well. That would make a great camp fire.
Joseph: Yes and because it’s Christmas the Firemen would squirt us with Champagne.
Mary: We could use that to get warm. (Nods at the radio)
Joseph: A radio.
Mary: Put it on. I want to dance.
Joseph: Wait two or three days. It’s too soon after the birth...
Mary: But I want to. Come on!

(Joseph puts the radio on. They dance to some radio song)
Joseph: Wait!
Mary: What’s wrong?
Joseph: Be quiet! I thought I heard something. Should we take a look?
Mary: (Goes to the baby who is wrapped up in an old blanket) I think he’s sleeping.
Joseph: Are you hungry?
Mary: A little.
Joseph: We haven’t got anything. I left the bread behind.
Mary: It doesn’t matter. I’ll manage to make it till tomorrow. Then we’ll raise some funds.
Joseph: I’ll take a look at the little one. (Goes to the baby, Mary follows him and both look at the sleeping child)

5. Scene

(Garage, child comes)

Child: You can’t stay here. I’m really sorry, it’s the olds...
Mary: No?
Child: You can spend the night here.
Joseph: At least that’s something, even if it’s just for one night...
Mary: Merry Christmas!
Child: Exactly, I have to go now. Here is something for the evening. (Gives them 2 blankets and something to eat.) No hard feelings but the presents are waiting. See you tomorrow! (Child leaves the garage)
Joseph: (Unpacks the food package)
Mary: What’s in there?
Joseph: Oh, super! Cheese, bread, apples and juice...that’ll last longer than just tonight.

6. Scene

(Living room – the child comes in)

(Mother and father are singing Christmas songs; the child is sitting on the sofa twiddling his thumbs)

Father: (Stops singing) we’ll leave it there then. It’s no fun with two.
Child: Time for presents?
Mother: Calm down. We have to make a toast first. (Pours out 3 glasses)
Father: (Lifts his glass) to a wonderful Christmas eve. (Everyone clinks glasses)
Child: (Downs his drink quickly) But now?
Mother: You can hardly wait, can you? Then start unwrapping. (Child goes under the tree and starts unwrapping his presents)
Child: (Obviously disappointed but still hopes that gift number 2 will be better) Aha, an atlas. (Places it to one side.)
Father: We thought you could use it for school.
Child: (Unwraps his 2nd gift) A model kit? Is that for dad?
Father: No, no it’s for you.
Child: (Rips open his last present and holds up a pullover and socks) what is that supposed to be. I wanted a Playstation and new football boots! You are total stupid! (Throws the present down and storms out)
Father: You see. A boy cannot get excited about a jumper and underwear.
Mother: Oh yes? Your super model kit wasn’t exactly a hit either.
Father: Merry Christmas. (Turns on the TV) (Mother leaves the room)

7. Scene

(Garage – child comes in)

Child: Hey there, how are you?
Joseph: You said “see you tomorrow?
Mary: Aren’t you at the present giving?
Child: Forget it! My parents are totally stupid!
Mary: Child, why are you saying such things about your parents?
Joseph: You haven’t got what you wanted, have you?
Child: (A little embarrassed) yes.
Joseph: You know what? Life hasn’t quite worked out like we wanted either. If it had, we would be sitting in a warm sitting room and be celebrating Christmas. But our Father takes care of us, so that...
Child: Your Father?
Mary: Yes, we mean God. He found us a place for the night and provided us with food. He will guide us on our way.
Child: Now I feel really bad. You have nothing and you are still happy. Do you know what? Let us celebrate Christmas inside all together. I’ll manage it somehow. Even if there wasn’t a place for you 2000 years ago, it will be different today.
(Mary and Joseph look at each other questioningly)

(Sent in by Thomas Baberowski in Dec.2003)

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