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Pump out the bottle
Pump out the bottle

There is already a section with bottle games. In this section, however, we are dealing exclusively with plastic bottles. They are lighter than glass bottles, less dangerous, easier to transport, and cheap to buy. Except for a few games, the bottles used in this section can be returned as deposit bottles. On a camp, some empty water bottles are sure to accumulate after 1-2 days. Depending on the game and the number of participants, a large number of empty bottles are needed.

With a bit of creativity, one or the other will find even more ideas for games with plastic bottles. In both categories, you find almost 40 games with bottles.

Games with plastic bottles

  1. Transport plastic bottle together

    A plastic bottle must be transported from A to B with only one finger at a time. Each player may only touch the bottle with one finger.

  2. 2x2 liter Cola Bottle Dumbbell

    Preparation: For this game, you need 2 plastic bottles with a correspondingly large bottle opening. Now approx. 40-50 balls (marbles, chewing gumballs) are filled into one of the bottles. Then the 2 bottles with the large openings are intricately connected and taped with adhesive tape.

    Task: The "dumbbell" is now turned so that the balls are all in the upper bottle. Through clever shaking, all the balls must pass from the top bottle to the next.

    Variation: instead of balls, sand or peas could also be used as well.

  3. Placing water bottles

    For this game, plastic water bottles are needed, filled to ¼ or 1/5 with water. From about 50 cm from the table, the water bottles are thrown onto the table so that they come to an upright stop.

  4. Sacking plastic bottles on top of each other

    4 suitable plastic bottles must be stacked on top of each other so that the stack of plastic bottles remains standing for at least 5-10 seconds.

  5. Duo: plastic bottles forehead to forehead

    Always 2 persons build a team. The task is to touch a plastic bottle (or tennis ball, ball, cup, bucket), each with the forehead, and then transport the object from A to B and put it down. How many transports does the group (team) manage within the given time?

    A similar game with plastic cups can be found in the player's section cup games.

  1. Throw plastic bottles with water

    In this game too, 2 people form a team. Each team receives a plastic bottle half (or ¾) full of water. The bottle is not closed. Now the team must throw the bottle at each other from 2 meters.

    How many times can you do this until the bottle is empty.

    Alternatively: how many times can you throw the bottle at each other within 2 minutes, and which team still has the most water in the bottle?

  2. Bottle journey - or the trip to the bottle

    The game goes like the journey to Jerusalem. Instead of chairs, bottles are now placed on the ground (lawn) at a 1-meter distance —one bottle-less like then players. As long as the music is playing, everyone runs in a slalom around the bottles. When the music stops, each player must tap with his finger on one of the bottle heads closest to him. If you are too late to put your finger on a bottle, you are eliminated, and one bottle is taken out of the game.

    Alternatively, you can use your foot instead of your finger. To make things more complicated, you could introduce the following: if the bottle falls over, the player is also eliminated.

  3. Bottle hockey

    An empty plastic bottle or one filled with water serves as a puck. Using a field hockey stick, the player must now bring the bottle to the opposite team.

    Alternative: the bottle must be maneuvered in a slalom around cones.

  4. Bottle golf

    An empty or slightly water-filled plastic bottle serves as a "golf ball." Using a golf club (or wooden mallet), the plastic bottle is now hit as far as possible into the field. The distance is measured with a tape measure.

    Alternative: with how many strokes does the player manage to shoot the plastic bottle into a distant target?

  5. Bottle rattle

    Several plastic bottles are filled with different objects. For example, with sand, small pebbles, wooden beads, peas, glass beads, buttons, small steel nuts or washers, etc. To a song, the plastic bottles now serve as an accompanying instrument.

    Alternatively, suppose you tape the plastic bottles shut with black (packing) paper. In that case, you could also guess what material is in the bottles.

  6. Pipeline

    A long pipeline is built with 10 plastic bottles. One bottle is inserted into the other by piercing a small opening at the bottom with a suitable knife so that the head of the next bottle fits into it. Once all 10 bottles are inserted into each other, 1-2 liters of water must flow from top to bottom into a container.

    Alternative: with 20 or more water bottles, it is, of course, a bit more challenging.

    Score: which team succeeds in building the pipeline first and can collect the most water in the container.

  7. Plastic bottles in the shoebox

    For this game, a sturdy container the size of a shoebox is needed. A shoebox or a small, sturdy sealable plastic box will do. The task is to squeeze as many plastic bottles as possible into this container (shoebox, plastic box with lid). The trick is to press the plastic bottle so that the air escapes and then screw the lid back on. Thus, the bottle remains in a compressed state and does not inflate again.

    Alternatively: it would also work with a tetra pack.

    Score: which team manages to place the most plastic bottles in its box in the allotted time?

  8. Pump out the bottle

    A large plastic bottle is filled with water, and so it stands on the ground. The player stands upright in front of the bottle and is given a long hose (thin transparent plastic hoses are available in building material stores). The task now is to suck the water out of the bottle.

    Alternatively, you could blow some of the water out and then suck the rest of the water in. The bottle must not fall over.

    Score: who gets the water out of the bottle the fastest?

  9. Who manages the longest water jet?

    A small round (approx. 5mm) hole is pierced in the side of a plastic bottle right at the bottom of the rim. The plastic bottle is filled with water. The task is to squeeze the plastic bottle and let the water shoot out of the small hole as far as possible.

    Alternatively, the water can be given the necessary power by blowing into the bottle's head. Using a tape measure, the distance from the bottle to the furthest point is now measured. The game is best played in the sand because you can easily see how far the water jet came. Alternative 2: The water jet must hit a funnel about 50-80cm away. Who manages to get the most water from the bottle into the funnel?

  10. Transport rolls

    For this game, you need about 10 or more water bottles filled with water and a board. The board serves as a base and the bottles as rollers. Now roll the board from A to B with an object on top (beverage crate or a light person).

    This game could also be played as a relay game on a sand or tar court. On a grass field only conditionally if the grass is short and mostly flat.

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