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Overview: Ghost stories

Halloween Masterstroke

Everything was carefully thought through and planned to perfection. Nothing could stop my friend and me now. Nothing could stop us from carrying out our Halloween masterstroke. My parents had gone away to Borlänge (in Sweden) from the 30th of October to the 2nd of November to visit relatives – without me! Obviously I used the opportunity - how cool! So I invited my friend over to stay overnight at my house like we did last Halloween. But this time it was to be different. Our last tricks seemed a bit silly when we thought about it and we wanted to try something new: setting the old wooden hut next to the graveyard on fire: OUR HALLOWEEN MASTERSTROKE!! No one lived around the area of the graveyard anymore so it should have been child’s play...what did we think was great about that then? Maybe it was the kick of doing something which you aren’t actually allowed to we prepared everything: a box of matches, a canister of petrol, two torches and two helmets – one for each of us.

We set off into the night to carry out our Halloween masterstroke. Lots of scary figures met us along the way; were we imagining it?? Everything had become much stranger …but when we got to the graveyard, the fear really cropped up. There were crunching footsteps, breaking twigs, scary groaning and ominous noises. We gathered up all of our courage and carried on towards the hut. Neither of us said a single word. It was silent. We could only hear the beating of our own hearts. A blue light suddenly shone across the hut and we caught our breath** RuN AWaY RiFf-Raff Or DEatH wILL CATcH YoU ** was written in blood. Without thinking too long about it, we cried out and ran as fast as we could. There was no doubt that someone was behind us. My friend was in front of me and when she fell, I fell over her. It came closer and was directly behind us. It was wearing a mask, a red devil’s mask and had a knife in its hand. Our screams blocked out a shrill laugh. We suddenly realised what was happening in that moment! >>Tom, you idiot!! You are such a swine!! << My friend jumped on her big brother and I followed. >> You crazy idiot; what on earth were you thinking of and how do you know t...<< >>my lovely sister always leaves her mobile phone lying around<<, Tom interrupted >>...I could never have done anything to you … you are so easy to scare with a few noises, pretend blood and joke knife........

Author: Ann-Kathrin R.

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