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Ghost stories

In the 30 years I have been involved in youth work, I have probably told some stories several times per year. Most definitely never in the same way – apart from the end. The kids are always captivated and suitably scared. This ghost stories should however not be read out from a sheet of paper. Ghost stories are always suitable for a night time walk or by the camp fire. Whoever volunteers to take over the night watch after a couple of ghost stories, must be a hard bloke (or girl).

  • The silver leg

    The butler laid himself to bed and fell asleep. At midnight the butler was suddenly awoken. Had he heard a noise? Yes! Now he could hear it quite clearly. At first it was a soft „Tock-Tock-Tock“noise but louder and louder.

  • Terror – The first night in a tent

    The moon peeped out between the forest mountains and in the fading light, I saw a man walking towards our tent. He was still a long way away. His outline was blurred by the mist which spookily covered the ground.

  • Boom! Boom! Boom!

    “Ok! You dreadful thief! You stupid monster!” I suddenly released that I couldn’t just lie here waiting to find out what you happen. Spurred on by my despair, I jumped up and ran downstairs. “You won’t get me that easily, you stupid vampire!”

  • Jonathan and the old woman

    Obviously there was a shortcut through the woods. Jonathan had never used the shortcut before because his dad had always told him not to. “Never go into those woods!” he had once said “terrible things happen there! Lots of people go in and never come out again and if they did get out, they were never the same.”

  • Goldie the hamster

    “Yesssss”, growled the monster hamster. “I am Goldie and I am here to get my own back for everything you did to me!” The beast showed its teeth, opened its mouth and....

  • Alone in the night

    There! There it was again. The noise crept up in the dark just as quickly as it had gone. And this time it sounded like a kind of gasping or sniffing. When I noticed that the noise was becoming louder and louder, my feet started running out of fear without me having to tell them to run.

  • The gruesome cellar

    The gasping came closer and closer. The steps became louder and then they suddenly stopped. The gasping was now directly behind Kathrin and “aaahh!!!” the ghost grabbed her shoulder from behind with its cold, dead hand. Kathrin knew that she would die now, but...

  • Seven old witches

    “Should I turn myself into a wolf” asked Siebenanelle “and rip him to pieces?” “No; the wind will blow him against the cliffs!” called Siebenjolina. “But the king should get a nice nose first!” Siebylle raised her magic wand but Sieberella interrupted her. “He is mine and mine alone. I want to turn him into a frog which we will keep as a pet and feed flies and maggots.

  • Eichenbart

    The authorities had been chasing after him for years without success because this crafty bloke always managed to escape the hand of the law. The people in this isolated place were very scared of Jani and some even though he was the devil in person.

  • The Miller

    A further 20 years later, in 1960, a loud scream sounded from the middle of the lake on one spring evening. The residents were frightened and ran to the banks of the lake to find blood and traces of flour. In 1980, some school children reported to have seen a face just under the surface of the water during a boat trip over the Möhnesee. Their teacher found flour in their hair.

  • The strange dream which became true

    In her dream, she saw how a massive, slimy monster suddenly came out of the lake, grabbed her best friend and dragged her into the water. Lilli woke up bathed in sweat and really believed that the dream had happened.

  • The bloody thumb

    The telephone rang once again. She picked up: "Hello?" the same voice said at the other end: "This is the man with the bloody thumb and I’m right in front of your house!" Sally’s heart almost fell down to her knees

  • At midnight in the haunted house

    One night, a nice old lady went for a walk with her dog. She reached one wall of the cemetery and saw a message written in spooky ink: “never go into the old deserted house at midnight!"

  • The being in the dark night

    When Monday came around again and I went to pick my friend up to go riding, we walked to our horses together. When we collected them from the field and started to clean them down, they behaved stranger than usual; they were much more unsettled than usual.

  • Shadow of horror

    A black creature suddenly swept past him. He turned around and saw the being in front of him. Tom took the ring which he had already taken off and showed it to the shadow but the shadow did not run away.

  • The lady with the rose

    Once upon a time, there was a lovely lady who wanted to buy a beautiful rose for her husband for their wedding anniversary. She went into the florists and was immediately served by a somewhat humpbacked saleswoman.

  • The hand in the fence

    Obviously we went running. We saw a hand stuck in the fence. We were very shocked and extremely scared. I did not believe that it was really a hand and I touched it.

  • The white train

    The six men dressed in black opened the coffin. A cloth was in the coffin; a white cloth. What was written on the cloth? The old man tried to read the words on the cloth.

  • Halloween Masterstroke

    It was silent. We could only hear the beating of our own hearts. A blue light suddenly shone across the hut and we caught our breath** RuN AWaY RiFf-Raff Or DEatH wILL CATcH YoU ** was written in blood. Without thinking too long about it, we cried out and ran as fast as we could.

  • The night in the graveyard

    Ha, ha, very funny we thought at first...but after around 15 minutes, we heard voices which sounded very strange. We didn’t give it a thought but we were scared. No one wanted to show the others how scared they were.

  • Not only dogs can lick, can they??

    At midnight I woke up and heard a strange noise – drip, drip, drip. I was scared and stuck my hand out of the bed. The dog licked my hand and I knew that everything was OK so I went back to sleep.

  • The chewing gum monster

    I wanted to scream but the chewing gum monster had filled my mouth with gum. It held up its hand and wanted to stab me. I knew that my time had come.

  • He’s coming

    A chill ran up my spine, I don’t know why, but I had a funny feeling, I don’t know where my anxiety had come from, I felt hot then cold.

  • The Film

    There was once a woman. She made fun of everything that was in the papers and the rumours that were circulating which stated that anybody who watches ‘THE FILM’ must follow the rules given in the film.

  • The rustling of the dead

    It was already 11pm and I still couldn’t get to sleep. I was so excited as I was going camping the next day. I told myself: ‘Go to sleep already! Otherwise you’ll be too tired to go camping’.

  • The Figure

    At last it was the holidays, which meant I could finally sleep over at my mate’s house; the best thing was his parents were not home. We were sitting in the living room watching TV when suddenly we heard a loud groan coming from the attic.

  • The eerie Guest

    The tower clock from the nearby church struck twelve times as, heavy footsteps could be heard outside the castle wall. Hard thuds reverberated through the wooden gate of the castle.

  • The Madman

    “Please don’t stop anywhere and pick up any hitchhikers. A madman has just broken loose.”. Shortly after Bianca saw a police car with flashing blue lights approaching and stopping behind her. She was overcome with an eerie feeling.

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