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Overview: Ghost stories

The rustling of the dead

It was already 11pm and I still couldn’t get to sleep. I was so excited as I was going camping the next day. I told myself: ‘Go to sleep already! Otherwise you’ll be too tired to go camping’. Just as I was about to fall asleep I heard a loud rustling. I looked out of the window but saw nothing. 20 minutes after I had eventually fallen asleep, the rustling woke me again, only this time it was louder than before.

By this time it was already 1am. I told myself that I would regret it if I didn’t get to sleep. I had to find a way to stop this annoying rustling from disturbing me. I went outside; down the stairs, along the corridor and stood by the front door. I looked through the key hole to make sure that nobody was standing outside. I opened the door and went out into the garden. Instantly the bush started rustling. I edged closer towards it – at the same time being frightened to death. I thought it’s probably just a cat that’s stuck in bushes so I thought that I would help it out so that I could finally get some sleep. As I plucked up the courage to move closer to the bush a strange hand pulled me in and I fell deep into an abyss. This was the last time that I was ever to be seen again...
Sent in by Fatma.

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