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Overview: Ghost stories

Shadow of horror

One day, a man called Tom bought a new house because his old house had become too small. In the evening when he was brushing his teeth, he noticed that he no longer had a shadow. Tom thought nothing of it and went to bed. On the next morning, Tom went for a walk and discovered that his shadow was still not there. He slowly started to worry and went home to clear his head. When he got home, he saw a shadow in his house. Tom went in and looked around but......he couldn’t see anything. Tom was distressed and started to think about why he didn’t have a shadow anymore. He then remembered an old book which he had once read. He quickly searched around in his collection of books and found it on the third shelf.

He leafed through the whole book until he found what he was looking for. In his book, he found a part which read: “If you can no longer see your shadow, you must find it and pull it through a ring with the inscription “Shadow of horror” to bring it back again.”

Tom thought long and hard until he remembered that he had seen the inscription somewhere before. He looked at his ring, took it from his finger and looked at the inner side until he saw the writing. A black creature suddenly swept past him. He turned around and saw the being in front of him. Tom took the ring which he had already taken off and showed it to the shadow but the shadow did not run away. Tom did not know what to do and read the inscription out loud although he did not noticed that he was doing so. Suddenly the shadow became smaller and smaller until it was no longer there. Tom turned around and saw how the shadow attached itself to his body. He was so happy that everything had gone well.

Author: Simone Schwaiger from Salzburg (Austria)

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