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Overview: Ghost stories

The being in the dark night

When Monday came around again and I went to pick my friend up to go riding, we walked to our horses together. When we collected them from the field and started to clean them down, they behaved stranger than usual; they were much more unsettled than usual. When we wanted to put the saddles on them they wouldn’t go along with it at all. They seemed to be very scared of something. My friend asked: "Should we really go out with the horses today – they are acting so strangely, aren’t they? I think it’s better of we leave them in peace today..." I calmed my friend down: "No, they’re just a bit worked up because we haven’t ridden them for a while. They’ll get used to it again when we’re on the move!" So we finished our work and climbed onto the horses. The galloped off straight away. At first, I thought that I had been right with the thought that they were just a bit worked up. But I was proven to be very wrong later that evening. I that point I didn’t have any idea what was about to happen.

We rode two villages further on to tire the horses out a little bit. It was slowly starting to get dark and because we were quite late we wanted to take the shortcut through the woods. That was to be a major mistake. My friend suddenly believed that she had seen red eyes shining in the dark about ten metres in front of us. I saw nothing at first but then they appeared from behind a tree. The horses had also seen them now and turned around and galloped off immediately in the other direction. The being followed us and the horses became faster and faster. The being became faster but when we got back to the stall, it was as if it had been swallowed up by the ground.

One week later my friend was back in the same area and saw the eyes behind a tree once again. What type of being was it? Since then, it had been seen often and no one could explain who the red eyes belonged to... *shiver*

Author: Jasmin Krause

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