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Overview: Ghost stories

The chewing gum monster

My father wanted some chocolate so I went to the corner shop across the road...

I bought some milk chocolate and some of my favourite chewing gum at the cash till. The chewing gum was for me. When I got home, I gave my father the chocolate and the change. I went into my room to enjoy my chewing gum. I took one out of the pack and unwrapped it. I chewed it and it was veerry tasty. A few minutes later, my mother called me down to dinner. I stuck the chewing gum to the underside of my desk because I wanted to continue chewing it after dinner. (Everyone knows that you shouldn’t stick chewing gum anywhere but I wasn’t bothered at the time).

When I went back upstairs I couldn’t find the chewing gum anymore. I found this a bit strange but thought that my mother might have discovered it. I went to sleep and woke up at midnight. I suddenly noticed that I was chewing the chewing gum and I saw the chewing gum monster standing in front of me. It was big, powerful and slimy. It held a knife in its left hand. It wanted to stab me with the knife. It said: “If you treat your chewing gum like that and stick it all over the place, I will destroy you and your family!". I wanted to scream but the chewing gum monster had filled my mouth with gum. It held up its hand and wanted to stab me. I knew that my time had come. Suddenly I heard a voice: "Darling – get up for school. You’ve slept in!!!" I woke up bathed in sweat and knew that it was all just a dream!! But I will never stick chewing gum anywhere ever again!

Author: Annina M.

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