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Overview: Ghost stories

The eerie Guest

The tower clock from the nearby church struck twelve times as, heavy footsteps could be heard outside the castle wall. Hard thuds reverberated through the wooden gate of the castle. The caretaker stumbled sleepily through the courtyard, unlocked the door with his massive key and summoned the stranger in. “Yes, how can I help?” asked Hans, the caretaker whilst looking the spooky looking man up and down. The same man requested shelter for the night. The caretaker was a generous man and took the stranger to a warm room. Whilst doing so he noticed that the tattered looking man repeatedly muttered strange words. In addition to this a horrible green liquid with a repulsive smell dripped from his face. Hans felt a little queasy, but said gently: “Sleep well”. The stranger nodded and closed the door.

Just before one o’clock a loud, shrill scream echoed through the castle. From sheer fright, Hans jumped out of his bed and felt an ice cold hand brush across his back. Frightened, he ran out of the room and looked for the mysterious stranger. However as he opened the door, Hans was greeted with a horrible smell; the room was full of smoke.

With a shaky voice Hans called out: “Hello, are you ok?”. Ghostly laughter echoed through the room and the smoke was suddenly sucked out of a crack in the room as if there were a large pipe drawing it out. Now Hans could look around the room and saw that the only thing left of the strange man was a burn mark on the floor shaped like his tattered clothing...
Author: Thomas S., Wiesing

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