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Overview: Ghost stories

The Figure

At last it was the holidays, which meant I could finally sleep over at my mate’s house; the best thing was his parents were not home. We were sitting in the living room watching TV when suddenly we heard a loud groan coming from the attic. At first we thought that we had imagined it, but then we heard it again. Now we started to get worried. „What the Hell is that?” Then again, we heard it, the groans getting louder and louder. We slowly started to panic and tried to call the police, but the phone line was dead. Mobile phone; had no reception, internet (ICQ) no network. And again the groaning became louder and louder. By now we are pretty scared. We thought to ourselves; let’s check it out. I took the torch and my friend a baseball bat. We opened the attic hatch and made our way up. The groaning was quite loud, and the louder it became, the more we trembled in fear. I shone the torch all around but...nothing.

We just couldn’t understand what it was, so we went back down and closed the hatch. For approximately half an hour everything was quiet. Suddenly we heard the groaning again, yet this time it was coming from the sitting room. We were even more scared than when we heard it in the attic.

We were about to go into the sitting room to investigate when, the power cut...but after about 30 seconds the electricity came back. All of a sudden we he heard the groaning behind us. We turned around and there standing in front of us was a completely mutilated looking figure. It barely had any hair, had just 3 teeth, grey pale skin, tattered clothes, 1 metre in height and horrifying.

We ran screaming out of the house as fast as we possibly could. We ran over to the neighbour’s house and rang the doorbell frantically. When someone finally opened the door we were relieved but still scared. As we explained to them what had happened we saw the figure again and pointed them towards it, yet the neighbour could not see what were pointing at, yet in contrast we could see it very clearly. We ran away as fast as we could. I checked my mobile phone and saw that the reception had returned and so phoned the police. When we explained to them what had happened they didn’t believe us, but because we were insistent and so they searched the entire house. Needless to say they found the mysterious figure in the attic, but strangely it was dead. Despite this we felt relieved.

A subsequent autopsy and laboratory analysis was to determine when she died. The result was more than peculiar. 50 years ago she should’ve died.

What we saw and experienced can to this day still not be explained.

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