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Overview: Ghost stories

The Film

There was once a woman. She made fun of everything that was in the papers and the rumours that were circulating which stated that anybody who watches ‘THE FILM’ must follow the rules given in the film. Yet the woman watched the film and did not follow the rules.

One of the rules (the first one), was that upon seeing a spider, you must bow towards it. The second rule stated: only clean when on all fours, the third was that when speaking on the telephone you have to say everything backwards.

Yet this woman did not bother herself with these rules. She continued to clean on two legs, she spoke normally as a business woman on the telephone and when she saw a spider, she simply stepped on it and in one fell swoop the spider was dead.

However as the days went by, the woman started to feel more and more ill. All of her friends turned away from her because she hadn’t stuck to the rules. Only one of her friends would occasionally come to visit. Gradually she felt worse and worse. Everything started to itch and scratch. Even a doctor summoned to her couldn’t determine what was causing her suffering.

The scratching didn’t stop. She developed large red blisters all over her body which turned into thick red knots that eventually burst. Finally her itching stopped, but out of the ‘holes’ crawled hundreds of small spiders. The spider holes created a sentence on the woman’s body which read: “We told you – whoever fails to follow the rules will die”. The woman’s friend was shocked and immediately called the doctor, but it was too late to help her. She was already dead as he arrived. The doctor noticed that just before she died, she must have sweated a lot; the beads of sweat being as black as the spiders that came out of her.

Consequently everyone now knew that whoever watches ‘THE FILM’ must stick to the rules, otherwise you will end up with the same fate as this woman for failing to follow them.
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