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Overview: Ghost stories

The hand in the fence

My two siblings and I often went to visit our granny. There is a little wood with a hut nearby. There is a fence surrounding the hut which is very large and is painted green. One day when we went to our granny’s house, we obviously wanted to go into the woods again. My sister was 11 years old so we were allowed to go alone. When we arrived in the woods, it was quite late, about seven o’clock in the evening.

We immediately went to the hut simply it was simply cool and had something mysterious about it. We couldn’t go in because the fence was so high. We lay down on the grass and drank our drinks which had brought with us. My big sister wanted to look at the house closer from the outside. She suddenly screamed very loudly and my little sister asked her what was wrong? It was dark but she answered and said that we should come and take a look ourselves. Obviously we went running. We saw a hand stuck in the fence. We were very shocked and extremely scared. I did not believe that it was really a hand and I touched it. (Instruction to the story teller: shout really loudly now!!!!) IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, I screamed loudly because it felt like a hand. I ran away with my siblings and we left everything lying where it was.

Solution: the hand was not a hand, it was a stick.

Author: Melina Bülow, 9 years old

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