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Overview: Ghost stories

The Madman

It’s starting to get dark! Bianca and Bernd had run out fuel. They just about managed the few metres to the next petrol station. A short time after they had filled up with fuel and continued on with their journey, the car stalled. Either the petrol gauge was faulty or the tank was truly empty again. Bernd said: “Strange, we only just drove a few metres, and now it’s getting dark and we’re standing here in the forest – great! I’ll go and look for help, you stay here and don’t move from this spot – understood?” Bianca replied stuttering: “Yyyesss ok!”. She switched on the radio. After a while got a headache from all the warbling but it was somewhat comforting to leave the radio on as the forest seemed eerie and sinister. As time passed she dozed off a little. Suddenly she jolted awake – startled by a strange noise.

Did she just hear a thud on the roof? Or was it more likely that the radio suddenly got a bit louder as an announcement was being made: “Please don’t stop anywhere and pick up any hitchhikers. A madman has just broken loose.”. Shortly after Bianca saw a police car with flashing blue lights approaching and stopping behind her. She was overcome with an eerie feeling. A police man got out and walked towards her. About ten metres before the car he stopped and called out to her: “You must listen to me carefully. When I say, then run over to us, ok?” Bianca didn’t know what to make of this. The policeman didn’t look like a madman at all, rather like someone who truly meant what he was saying. As the officer gave her the signal to run, Bianca sprinted towards the policeman. The officer shouted to her: “Don’t turn around!”. But Bianca was curious and turned. She was stunned. What she saw frightened her to death ; on the roof of the car was the madman and in his hand, was the head of Bernd which he was hitting repeatedly on the roof…

Sent in by Laura and others with similar story.

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