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Overview: Ghost stories

The night in the graveyard

This story really happened to us and should let the kids know that they should never enter the graveyard alone because it might happen that they don’t get out again....

My friend and I were in a graveyard one Halloween.... (We have to set the mood a little bit)...We were scared when we went into the graveyard because friends of ours had said that they had seen people (dead people) one year ago. Ha, ha, very funny we thought at first...but after around 15 minutes, we heard voices which sounded very strange. We didn’t give it a thought but we were scared. No one wanted to show the others how scared they were. After about 30 minutes, we really saw a woman. She had blond hair and was standing next to a tree. Her face was scratched all over and was disfigured. She had been watching us the whole time...the whole time!!!! We wanted to scream but not a sound would come out...we wanted to run away but we couldn’t.

When we finally started to run away, we saw a black man. His face could not be recognised but we could clearly see that he was holding something in his hand. It looked like a knife. We ran as quickly as possible until we were finally at the exit. We saw how the woman smiled at us and waved and suddenly got stabbed in the back by the man....

Had we just imagined it or did she want to save us??? We don’t know and we never will...

Author: Melanie S.

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