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Overview: Ghost stories

The strange dream which became true

One night, Lilli was alone at home. She went to bed early because she wanted to go to the lake with her friends on the next morning. The saying was that the lake was cursed but the girls obviously didn’t believe it. The story was that there was a gruesome monster in the lake which dragged everything down with it. Lilli went to sleep and had a very strange dream. She dreamed that her best friend rowed out onto the lake with a little boat. In her dream, she saw how a massive, slimy monster suddenly came out of the lake, grabbed her best friend and dragged her into the water. Lilli woke up bathed in sweat and really believed that the dream had happened. She quickly pulled on her clothes and rode her bicycle to the lake. Her friends were already there but her best friend was missing. She looked around panicking. Her friends said that she had rowed out into the lake in a boat. Lilli started to panic, ran to the bank and saw her best friend in the middle of the lake. Lilli started to scream like a wild beast telling her to paddle back to the bank immediately.

Her friend looked at her confused but started to paddle back anyway. When she reached the bank, Lilli wrapped her arms around her friend and told her about the dream. Her best friend did not want to believe her but they suddenly saw the tail of a massive, slimy monster in the middle of the lake and both become very pale. They never went back to the lake after that.

Author: Chantal B. and her best friend ever

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