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Toilet paper - games with toilet paper

Toilet Paper Games: Paper Mummy
Toilet Paper Games: Paper Mummy

Toilet paper - our everyday commodity. Who would have thought that with a little creativity one can organize quite a few games using toilet paper? However, if the toilet paper, after the games have finished, still can be used for the intended purpose is questionable. Anyway, toilet paper is fairly cheap and with 4-5 Euro you can map out a nice gaming evening. It can’t get any more profane. In the context of this site we have already discussed, how countless games can be improvised using simple household items. However, that you also can create games with toilet paper might be new for some people. There are many good ideas – the trick is, you have to think of them. I have chosen the best ones and would like to make you familiar with them.

The beauty of toilet paper is that the group leader doesn’t have to worry about where and how to obtain the necessary material. In the Youth Group as well as on a trip, toilet paper is always available in a high quantity. Therefore, when you are travelling you do not even have to bring the material with you.

Toilet Paper Games
Toilet Paper Games: A roll of toilet paper is completely unrolled.

What can you play with toilet paper?

The imagination is set no limits. For example, a player can be requested to wrap another kid into toilet paper until there is nothing to see of him anymore. Because of its roll-like shape, toilet paper is suitable for a number of Agility Games. How about a toilet paper throwing game? Who can throw the furthest? Or more a skill game: the toilet paper roll must fall in a particular marked field?

If the aim is to train the dexterity of the participants, there are also many suitable games using toilet paper. For example, using scissors, the paper can be cut in different shapes or e.g. to the smallest possible strip in order to create the longest possible line using only one roll. The longest strip wins.

Please not in nature!

In regard of the safety of the participants there are indeed no precautions to be considered. However, care should be taken for the proper disposal, so that the paper rolls do not end up as a burden to nature.

  1. Toilet paper mummy

    In this game, the respective player must wrap himself into toilet paper without the help of others. So how does that work? The toilet paper roll is mounted on a bracket so that it can freely roll. On command the player starts to rotate around his own axis, wrapping himself up, beginning at the top of his head, right down to his feet. The entire roll must be used up.

  2. Toilet paper curling

    Draw a circle somewhere on the ground. Players are requested to throw the paper roll into the circle. Missing the circle or rolling out of it does not count.

  3. Toilet Paper Bowling

    In your group room prepare a few cones or cups. From a distance of 6-8 meters, each player, using a toilet paper roll, tries to hit as many as possible cups/cones. It is important that the paper roll is rolling and is not thrown.

  4. Toilet paper transport

    A roll of toilet paper is completely unrolled. Every member lifts this toilet paper snake up and navigates it through the terrain without ripping the paper. It takes some coordination within the group to succeed at this task.

  5. Toilet paper throwing 1

    A toilet paper roll must be thrown as far as possible.

  6. Toilet Paper throwing 2

    A toilet paper roll must be thrown as far as possible, but this time, the unwinding paper is measured (like a paper flag).

  7. Can shooting

    Instead of balls toilet paper rolls are used as projectiles.

  8. Stacking of toilet paper

    Who can build the tallest toilet paper tower, without it falling over?

  9. Dispatch

    10 rolls must be stacked on top of each other. Each player gets one go to carry this stack a certain distance.

  10. Toilet paper race

    The toilet paper roll is held between the player’s knees who has to complete a race.

  11. Toilet paper- Running in a pair 1

    A toilet paper roll is held between the knees of two players. During the race this toilet paper roll must not drop to the ground.

  12. Toilet paper- Running in a pair 2

    2 players are wrapped together with toilet paper. Maybe 6 loose rounds, not too tight. The couple has to run a certain distance without the toilet paper ripping apart.

  13. Toilet paper tearing

    A famous, skill building game. Each player gets a sheet of toilet paper and tries to tear out a snake as long as possible. The longest paper snake wins.

  14. Toilet paper battle

    Wet toilet paper rolls, (alternatively, they can be soaked in water-soluble, washable paint) are used for a paper battle. This is outdoor game is preferable played in summer. What a colourful spectacle. Players are not allowed to aim at each other’s head. Wet toilet paper does have some weight. Feel free not to use this game if you think it is too dangerous and/or too colourful.

  15. Dunny paper coronation.

    Balancing a roll of toilet paper on your head and complete a steeplechase

  16. Dunny paper tower tearing

    All player form a circle and hold hands. In the middle place a toilet paper tower, about 6-10- rolls high. On command each player tries to push the other one into the middle. The player who knocks over the tower has to leave the circle and a new round starts. In this game is a lot of hustle and bustle but it brings life into the most lacklustre group.

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