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Program proposal: Toilet Paper Gaming night

In this game section, you will find some ideas for toilet roll games. Some of the games you can only play outside, but most games are ideal for indoors or the gym. In this regard, they are excellent game ideas for spring and all those times when you can’t really go outside.

Perhaps, in addition, to the ideas in this category, the following variations are quite helpful. Balancing skills and cooperation between team members are skills required for these additional games. I am sure while playing you can think of quite a few more variations.

Games with toilet paper
Toilet paper gaming night

Games with Toilet Paper

  1. Stacking toilet rolls

    For this game, a long rod is required. Ideally, a broom handle or curtain rod of 3m could be used. The rod is vertical erected. The objective is to put one toilet roll after another on the rod. Which team finishes first?

    Variation: the toilet rolls are inserted from above. The higher the rod, the harder for the candidates to get the rolls on.

    Variation: The rod is vertical erected. The objective is to put one toilet roll after another on the rod – from the bottom side, that is. One participant has to hold the rolls on the side while yet another one pushes more rolls upwards.

    Both versions require cooperation skills. Note: Of course, holding the rod horizontally while pushing the toilet rolls on and then turning vertically, is cheating and therefore not allowed.

  2. Twin towers

    On a 2-meter-long board stack five toilet rolls on top of each other. One tower on the right, the other on the left side. Now one participant picks up the board with the twin towers and carries it for a certain distance without the towers falling over.

  1. Toilet paper rolling

    Get a roll of toilet paper and unroll it by gently nudging it. The aim is for the roll to unroll for as long as possible. The candidate holds the beginning of the paper tightly. Then measure the distance from the start to the point where the roll stopped.

  2. Toilet paper rolling 2

    A candidate holds the beginning of the roll firmly. A second player sticks his index fingers on each side into the roll. Then he runs as quickly as possible for the roll to unwind. The winner is the team, whose paper roll has unwound the longest and whose team was the fastest.

  3. Toilet paper rolling up

    The already unwound toilet paper snake has to be rolled back up again as quickly as possible. Most suitable for this game are big halls or the gym.

  4. Tower made from broomsticks

    Using 2 broomsticks, toilet paper rolls must be stacked on top of each other from 150cm distance. The winner is whoever gets the highest stack of toilet paper rolls and is the fastest as well.

Games with toilet paper
Toilet paper gaming night

  1. Tower made from tennis balls and toilet paper rolls

    A roll of toilet paper is the foundation of the tower. Then a tennis ball is placed on the toilet paper roll. On the tennis ball place another toilet roll, then another tennis ball and so on. Who manages to get the highest tower?

    To begin with you could use empty toilet rolls. After the kids have more practice, you can use toilet rolls with the paper on.

  2. Threading toilet roll race

    For this game, a 20-meter cable is required. One candidate holds one end of the roll, while two more candidates, on command, “thread” toilet rolls on the cable One player, takes the threaded toilet roll and runs along the cable to the end of the lined up players. He hands the toilet roll over and the next player runs with the toilet roll to the opposite end. Here the next player is already waiting to thread on the next roll. The winner is the team whose players are first finished.

  3. Toilet paper cable railway

    Again a 10-20-meter-long rope is required. All team members stand at equal distances along the rope with their legs apart so they can hold the rope between their legs. Now, the youth worker gives the first player of each team a toilet roll, which on command has to be threaded on and “nudged” on to the next player. The fastest team wins.

More Toilet Paper Games

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