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Vivaldis Four Seasons


Cloth, basket, cotton wool, chiffon cloth, tennis balls

Note: the respective music is played for the individual seasons/games. The players try to incorporate the melody and rhythm in the game with the cloth.


Preparation: birds are made from the chiffon cloth and tennis balls. The ball is knotted into one end of the chiffon cloth and a second one is attached.

The birds come back in springtime and are busy building their nests. They fly back and forth collecting materials for their nest.

There is a basket in the middle of the large cloth - the birds nest. Everyone now starts moving the cloth but it must remain on the ground. The edges can be lifted up. The bird is now thrown onto the cloth and it wants to get into the nest. The cloth is moved to that the bird lands in its nest.


It is warm in summer and everyone wants to cool down - inside and outside.

Two children go onto the cloth – the lake where they can paddle, swim and dive......

All of the others stand at the edge of the cloth and make waves.

The children who are bathing can decide whether they want to swim in the lake (on top of the cloth) or dive (under the cloth).


There is lots of wind which is wonderful to play with.

Leaves blow through the air and you can even fly a kite if there's enough wind.

Everyone stands on the cloth, take it in their hands and slowly let it swing.....the wind gets stronger and stronger – almost like a storm

The wind starts to die down and we can let some kites fly. Once the cloth has been bounced up and down three times, the players let go and the kite flies. The group tries to catch the kite again when it comes down.


Preparation: little balls are made from cotton wool and placed on the cloth.

Move the cloth so that the snow (cotton wool) flies into the air and floats around. Two of the children can lie down in the snow and watch the snow coming down on top of them.

Author: Stefan Köhler - Holle

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