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Parachute Cloth Olympics


Various blankets, cloth or bed sheets

  1. Long distance ball throw

    A ball is placed on a cloth and should be thrown as far as possible with the cloth.

  2. High throw

    The cloth should be swung three times. After the third time, the cloth is released. Which cloth will float the highest?

  1. Cloth roll

    Two families compete against each other here. The cloth is on the ground. Each family starts rolling up the cloth from one side. When the two ends meet, the distance is measured which the families have managed to roll.

  2. Ball balance

    This is another game where two families compete against each other. Both families take one end of the cloth in their hands and lift it up. The ball is placed in the middle of the cloth. Now each family takes turns to lift their end of the cloth so that the ball falls to the other side. The aim is to get the ball to fall off the other end. The family on the other side tries to stop this by lifting up their side of the cloth.

  1. Marble rail

    A route is stuck to cloth with sticky tape. A large marble or a small ball is placed on the start line. This should then be rolled along the cloth without it falling off.

  2. Rolling in

    One of the players in the family tries to roll in the cloth lengthways as quickly as possible.

  3. Netball

    A family is on the left and the right hand side of a volleyball net. The families pass the ball over the net using a cloth. The ball must be caught and thrown using the cloth.

Author: Stefan Köhler - Holle

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