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Play – A drama in 3 acts

The knight game "Drama in 3 acts" is suitable for a sketch evening, knight’s evening, and parent’s evening. It is simple and quick to act out.

Knight game – A drama in 3 acts


The king, the faithful queen, the handsome and brave Duke, the beautiful princess and the curtain.

Act 1

Curtain: The curtain opens for the first act
King: The king enters the scene
Queen: His faithful queen follows
King: The king lowers himself onto his throne with his sceptre held firmly in his hand
Queen: The queen stands next to him charmingly and looks tenderly into his eyes. „My, lord" she says in her soft voice, „ Why are we keeping the princess out of the sight of men? Should she not be marrying soon? "
King: The king adopts a strict tone: „Queen", he says with a harsh voice “I have repeated myself a thousand times, the princess should not become any man’s bride.
Duke: The handsome and brave Duke takes the stage. „King, o king" he says in a manly tone, „I bring you tidings of great importance!"
Princess: At this very moment, the beautiful princess appears from the other side. As she sees the handsome and brave Duke, she is shocked and shouts out loudly. „Oh, a man!" She blushes.
Duke: At first sight of the princess, the handsome, brave Duke falls deeply in love.
King: Full of disgust, the king jumps up and snaps at the princess: „Leave the throne room at once!!"
Queen: „Daughter", says the faithful queen, „what moved you to enter without permission?"
Princess: The princess opens her mouth and wants to speak.
Duke: The Duke holds his breath.
Princess: „Oh", says the girl in a sweet melting voice, „my angora kitten has run away and I can’t find her anywhere!".
Duke: „Beautiful princess", the Duke allows his voice to be taken over by his deepest feelings,”I would be so honoured to be able to serve you. Accept my promise:"
King: „Keep it to yourself, keep it to yourself!" shouts the king full of Zorn.
Duke: „The angora kitten will be back in your arms today!" The brave Duke swings his step and goes.
King: He can find the cat for me!" The king leaves with these words.
Queen: Followed by the faithful queen.
Curtain: The curtain closes.

Act 2

Curtain: The curtain opens for the second act.
Princess: The princess is leaning at the window. She hears horses’ hooves in the distance.
King: The king appears.
Queen: Followed by the faithful queen.
Princess: „It’s him!" breathes the princess.
Duke: The handsome and brave Duke appears beaming with joy with the kitten in his arms.
Princess: The princess’ eyes hang on the charming figure of the handsome, brave Duke.
King: The king is full of jealousy.
Duke: The Duke kneels down in front of the king. „O king", as he lets his comforting voice ring out, „I have found the angora kitten. Now I have come to collect my reward, the hand of your daughter, the beautiful princess.
King: The king explodes with anger. „Out!" he shouts with all of his might. „The hand of the princess cannot be won with a cat!"
Duke: The handsome, brave Duke turns to leave. When he walks past the princess, he touches her hand tenderly. „I will come back again!" he says quietly and goes.
Princess: The princess does not say anything but her lips mirror the beating of her heart once again.
King: The king leaves.
Queen: Followed by his faithful queen.
Princess: The princess also leaves the stage with a charming step.

Act 3

Curtain: The curtain opens for the third act.
King: The king enters.
Queen: Followed by his faithful queen.
King: The king stands in the centre.
Queen: The queen stands sadly next to him. „My lord", she says with a highly fluted voice, „have understanding. The princess cries day and night and cannot be comforted."
King: The king turns around: „Silence!"
Queen: The queen is silent.
Duke: The handsome and brave Duke appears with a sword at his side. „King" he says full of passion, „I asked for your beautiful princess’ hand and please grant my desire!"
King: The king shows a declining wave: „Out! Out!" he calls again.
Duke: And the Duke pulls out his sword and stabs the king.
King: The king falls over and dies.
Queen: „Oh!" screams the queen and falls down dead over the king, full of pain.
Duke: „How terrible! What have I done?!" shouts the Duke with all of the signs of true regret. He drinks a beaker of poison and dies.
Princess: The princess comes in. She stares at the terrible sight in front of her. „Woe betides me!" she cries as she circles her tiny arms, „the pain will kill me. Those are her last words and she falls over the chest of her loved one.
Curtain: The curtain closes for the last time.
Curtain: The curtain opens once again.
King: The king is still dead.
Queen: The queen is still dead.
Duke: The Duke is dying.
Curtain: The curtain closes forever.

Unknown source, watched and acted out at a school festival

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