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Introductory Skits & Short Plays

Skits for church events

These skits are suitable for a church event with youths. In these skits, the following themes are covered:

  • I am a Christian but my behaviour towards others is sometimes everything but Christian. It is mainly the little things which are my stumbling blocks.

  • A few scenes from everyday family life...

  • My relationship to God and what a “real” Christian is. There are many different points of view.

In all of these skits: everyone is welcome to adapt the situation accordingly and to add new and better ideas so that the ideas reach the audience, point out the real meaning and bring it to the point.

Skits for parent’s evening

Plays for a parent’s evening with the whole family or for a sketch evening at camp. All of the plays presented here have been provided by Thomas Baberowski. At this point, we would like to thank him for the contributions.

Some of these short plays can be used for a short devotion at the end, or to start a discussion. Please read the suggestion for a theme at the end of the short play, or create your own ideas.

more ideas...

Are you looking for short skits for a camp program? (without messages - only to have fun)

Skits or Sketches - only to have fun

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