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The Christmas Performance
Santa Clauses & others


  • Boss
  • Mother
  • Child
  • Father
  • Santa Claus 1
  • Santa Claus 2
  • Santa Claus 3
  • Goblin
  • Angel
  • Beggar

Scene 1: Santa Claus

(The Boss sits in his chair, smokes a cigar and reads a letter. He pushes the button of the intercom and talks to his secretary).

Boss: Send the three Santa Clauses to my office. (He looks at the clock, it is 17:30). They have until 17:45 to tell me the Santa Claus story.
In the meantime you can draw up a contract of employment, you know what I mean; the small print details. Ok, let’s get to work!

(The boss continues in reading his letter, somebody knocks at the door but the boss doesn’t look up)
Boss: (curt) Come in! (The three Santa Clauses come in. Although they greet, the boss ignores them for a while.)
Boss: Ok let’s go… what’s that? There are three candidates this year?
(The boss laughs) In bad times you need a second job, right? But as you know from the newspaper, we need just one Santa Claus. Who wants to leave voluntarily?

(The three Santa Clauses look at each other, but nobody leaves)
Boss: Ok, if nobody wants to leave, I will choose one of you.
(He points at the first Santa Claus)
Your mask looks ridiculous, you can go. Sorry, but you look like a Santa Claus from Al Qaida! But are there any Al Qaida Santa Clauses?

(The first Santa Claus looks at the boss wide-eyed)
Boss: What are you looking at me for? You are out, that’s it. And you should get used to such situations. The weakest person is being given the push. Will you find the exit?
Santa Claus 1: You are an arrogant fool, nothing more!
Boss: (Laughs in an arrogant manner) you can call me what you want but it doesn't interest me! Leave my office, now!
(Santa Claus goes away and slams the door)
Boss: Now we still have two candidates. But two is one too many; we only need one Santa Claus. Will anybody leave the room voluntarily?
Santa Claus 3: Are you kidding me? I already bought the costume, I won't go voluntarily.
Boss: I value your readiness to make sacrifices but that is not a reason to give the job to you! That’s bad luck, but I can not employ a Santa Claus with C&A clothes. Half of the kids will know that the Santa isn't real because they have already seen the outfit. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.
Santa Claus 3: Do you know how much money I spend on this stupid costume?
Boss: What's your problem? Do you think I will pay for it? It was your own risk to buy a costume. That's a normal preparation for a serious interview.
Santa Claus 3: Serious? That' a joke! Nothing is serious here.

(He takes off his mask and throws it in the boss's face. Afterwards he hurls the newspaper on the ground.)
Boss: Pushes the button from the intercom) Mrs. Berthold, call the security service please. One of the candidates is getting violent here.
Santa Claus 3: Don't worry. I'll leave. (He leaves the office)
Boss: (He straightens his tie) Why are you rooted to the spot? You are allowed to be happy. As you can see you are the only one left. You’ve got the job.

(Santa Claus 2; is motionless and says nothing)
Boss: Say something and take off your stupid mask while you can. (Santa Claus 2 shows no reaction)
Boss: (angrily): Hello! Am I talking to a dummy? Open your trap and say something!
Santa Claus 2: Be careful! You can choose to be polite or arrogant and to act like a human or egoist. You can think that you are better than the other people or you respect other people as you respect yourself. Think about it, it’s your choice! Use your second chance!
(The boss is as white as a chalk; he looks at Santa Claus 2)
The light flickers and goes off. After ten seconds the light goes on again. Santa Claus 1 and 3 are standing in front of the desk. The clock shows 17.30.
Boss: (He looks at the clock and is surprised) 17.30? How can that be? (Looks at the two Santa’s) Where is Santa Claus 3? (Both Santa’s look at each other with disbelief)
Santa Claus 1: In the advertisement said 17.30! And I was here a quarter of an hour earlier.
Boss: And what’s about the third candidate? Where is he?
Santa Claus 3: Which third candidate? We are the only ones who want this job.
Boss: (hesitant) Ok, whatever. From the advertisement you surely know, that I just need one Santa Claus. Who wants to leave voluntarily?
(The light flickers again and the boss flinches)
Boss: What did I say “voluntarily”? I wanted to say; that our country needs free and willing Santa’s, who go out and …
Santa Claus 1: (Confused) Sorry, but what do you mean? I don’t follow!
Santa Claus 3: Are you OK? You look ill.
Boss: Don’t worry I’m fine! I always a little bit sentimental at Christmas, because we can do so many good things.
Santa Claus 1: Yes, we can do good things, but I hope that I get something out of it, too.
Boss: You know what? I’ll give you both the job. One of you can work on the top floor and the other in the basement of our store. And I think an hourly wage of 10 € would be OK. This is alright or not?
Santa Claus 3: That’s very generous of you.
Santa Claus 1: Isn’t there a catch?
Boss: (Pushes the button of the intercom) forget the contracts … No of course not, but leave out the small print. Send me 2 of them please. Hmm where were we? Oh no, there is no catch!
Santa Claus 3: What do you mean with the expression “small print”?
Boss: Oh, yes. It sounds strange but normally we print everything in small letters so we can save ink. But your contracts are naturally written in big letters. So you don’t need to worry about any catches.

Dwarf scene (2)

A mother and her child “stroll” through the store. The mother is in a hurry and very irritated. She drags the child behind her.

Child: Mom, look there is Santa Claus.
Mother: Yes, there’s one in every corner of the store. Hurry up.
Child: (Stands still) But he looks like the real Santa Claus. Isn’t he the real Santa Claus, Mom?
Mother: May be. But hurry up, now. We have a lot of to do.
Child: But Mom, if he is the real Santa Claus, I want to go and see him. Look mommy, he gives presents to the children.
Mother: I said “No”. We have no time to meet Santa Claus. You are going to get presents from us, too.
Child: But I’ve never been to see the real Santa Claus.
(The child tears him/herself away from his/her mother; the mother runs behind the child. She reaches her child only when he/she has already arrived in front of Santa Claus.)
Santa Claus: How are you, little boy/girl? Do you want a present from Santa Claus? You get a present if you sing me a carol or recite a poem.
Mother: No, she/he can’t! (To her child) come on, now!
Santa Claus: Perhaps your mother can help you?
Mother: Definitely not.
(The dwarf arrives, he is listening)
Child: Please Mom. It won’t take long.
Mother: (Angrily) No. We have no time for such nonsense.
Dwarf: I feel sorry for you! Christmas is the time when you get big presents from your parents, but spending time with you is too much for them. That is something they don’t give.
Mother: I don’t think that you are able to understand the situation. You are a child, too.
Dwarf: I’m wiser as you think. I know that your child wants to spend more time with you.
Mother: My child is happy. He/she has everything she needs. Last year he/she got a child’s motorbike and it wasn’t very cheap.
Dwarf: Look into the child’s room and you will see that the toys aren’t used. Even the expensive motorbike is untouched and is standing in the shed.
Mother: How do you know that? We spend so much money for our children.
Dwarf: Yes, so you don’t need to pay attention to your child. And you have more free time for yourself. What is more important for you? Is it your child or your time? You have the choice. Use your second chance.
(The light flickers and goes out, the dwarf disappears)
Mother: Where is the dwarf?
Child: Which dwarf?
Santa Claus: We have no dwarf. My boss says it’s too expensive.
Mother: I talked to him a minute ago.
Santa Claus: The last thing you said was: “We have no time for such nonsense.” That was a very short conversation.
Mother: Oh! Those were my last words? Curious!
Santa Claus: I think so, too. No one has tried to drag their child away from Santa Claus before.
Mother: That must be a misunderstanding. What I wanted to say was: “Don’t sing any rubbish. Santa Claus has no time for nonsense.
Child: Mom, am I allowed to sing a carol?
Mother: Of course. You only have one chance in life to see the real Santa Claus. (She winks at Santa Claus)
Santa Claus: That’s right! What do you want to sing?
Child: I’ll sing “Jingle Bells”
Santa Claus: Nice, I want to hear every verse. Does your mother have enough time?
Mother: I have enough time. Our shopping tour can wait.

The beggar scene (3)

A man strolls along the street. A beggar is standing on the corner. The beggar is playing music on a small keyboard. In front of him is a sign with the words: “Thanks for your denotation, I wish you a merry Christmas”

Man: (He stops and kicks the beggar’ hat. He shakes his head and goes away.)
Beggar: (Shouts after the man) Thanks for your denotation and merry Christmas.
Man: (Turns around and comes back) what did you say?
Beggar: Thanks for your denotation and merry Christmas.
Man: What are you getting at, eh? Do you want to give me a guilty conscience?
Beggar: (Unsure) No. Thank you. God bless you.
Man: (Shouts at the beggar) who do you think you are?
(The beggar is frightened and looks around)
Man: Look at me, when I talk to you! I won’t be given a guilty conscience just because I don’t want to give you anything. No way. (Looks at him derogatorily)
Beggar: You’ve got the wrong end of the stick
Man: Some misunderstanding. What kind of beggar are you? One of the drinkers or one of the liars? You belong in prison.
Beggar: (Continues to play the keyboard)
Man: (Starts to get very angry) who do you think you are? You are a swindler, nothing more. Do you want to cry because it’s Christmas?
Beggar: (Cautious) Please go! You’re disturbing my work. Merry Christmas! Bless you!
Man: Be careful, you swindler! You are not able to intimidate me. What are you hiding behind your sunglasses? I think I know; no one should notice that you were drunk last night. (He snatches the sunglasses off the beggars head)
Angel: (Suddenly stops and searches for something in his wallet. He puts a 50€ note in the beggar’s hat)
Man: Am I seeing things? You gave the beggar 50€?
Angel: Yes, that’s right.
Beggar: Thank you, thanks. I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And I wish you a Happy Easter in advance. You are a good man. God bless you.
Angel: God bless you too, my friend.
Man: Are you serious? You gave this beggar 50€ and then you call him a friend? I think you’re from another planet. He is a swindler, rogue or a drunkard. Do you realise that the beggar will use the money to buy alcohol? (He takes the money out of the hat). Here, put it back into your pocket.
Angel: That’s none of your business. (He takes away the money from the man) You should ask yourself why you’re not giving anything.
Man: I’d really like to explain it to you. I’m convinced that this whole situation is a con. And even if I’m mistaken, everybody is responsible for his or her own life. He can work if he wants a better standard of living. We work all year round and this swindler earns his money with fishing for sympathy. (He turns to the beggar) but I don’t feel sorry for you.
Angel: Listen carefully. Why have you deserved to be able to see and not to be blind like this beggar? Did you parents earn enough to give you a good school education and not send you to an orphanage like this beggar? Why are you respected by other people and why aren’t you one of society’s outcasts? Why do you have a better life than this beggar? Can you give me an answer to those questions? You have the choice, to respect or despise other people, to feel sorry for somebody or to be heartless. Can you share a bit of you wealth with another person? Remember that life is influenced by destiny. You have the choice. Use your second chance.

The light flickers and goes out. The angel disappears; the beggar wears sunglasses.
Man: I didn’t know that you are blind. I apologise for my rude behaviour. Now I see you in another light. (He turns around) Thank you. (Amazed) Where is he gone?
Beggar: Who? There was nobody here for two hours. I heard nothing.
Man: Can’t you remember your generous donator?
Beggar: Generous guy? I’m not sure what you call a generous donator. My biggest denotation was about 2.67€. I got it from an American guy.
Man: You have a poor memory. (Takes the beggars hat and searches the 50€) What? Where is the money? I don’t understand. Was it my imagination?
Beggar: I don’t understand what you mean. I just know that you have taken my hat and that you know that I am blind. I hope that you don’t steal the money in it.
Man: No, of course not. (Puts the hat back on the ground) I would never steal somebody’s money. Ok, definitely not after this special experience.
Beggar: I assume that you’ve done it in the past then?
Man: No, of course not. I was only saying… You needn’t worry about your money.
Beggar: Yes, I know. There are only a few Cents.
Man: I hope I can change your situation a little bit. (Takes a 50€ note out of his wallet and puts it into the hat.)
Beggar: But I hear nothing jingling. Either you’re messing around with me or it is something I can’t even imagine. (He takes the 50 € out of the hat and checks the value of the note) What? 50€? (Determined) No, thank you. Thank you very much but I can accept this. That’s too much! And you cannot change, right?
Man: No, that’s not the reason. (He opens his wallet in front of the beggar) Look, I have enough money.
Beggar: I can’t see, but I can hear it. Why are you giving me so much? Are you a millionaire?
Man: Oh, yes, I forgot, you are blind. No I’m not a millionaire. A few moments ago a guy opened my eyes.
Beggar: The man a moment before? There was nobody or are my ears so bad?
Man: Right, right. Your ears aren’t bad. You didn’t see the man.
Beggar: I don’t see anyone.
Man: Of course. But there was… it doesn’t matter. You don’t understand. But perhaps I can explain it to you: Why have I deserved to see and not to be blind like you? Why can I go to work and why aren’t you able to work? Remember that life is influenced by destiny. And I want to share my wealth with other people. And I’m sure that I can do more. So take the money without a guilty conscience.
Beggar: Many, many thanks. Merry Christmas and God bless you.
Man: You too. I think you can thank him for the money and not me. Merry Christmas (leaves).

Author: Thomas Baberowski

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