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Jesus in every day life


Host, Susie, Ricky, Mike and Johanna

Host: Yes, hello and welcome. Here we are again with our one-time, one-off, important, and not forgetting, Christian talk show. I welcome you to the 5th show of….. “Themes which move us“. Our theme for today’s anniversary program is: „How do I present myself as a Christian in public?“ Our first guest is 17 years old and to quote him “is a quite normal Christian“. Join me in giving him a warm welcome. Here is Ricky!
(Ricky comes in, sits down, he is wearing normal clothes)
Host: Hello Ricky. You say that you are “just a normal Christian“. Tell us about your everyday life, how is it?
Ricky: Yes, I come from a Christian home. I go to church services regularly, go to youth meetings and sometimes we also have...
Host: Yes, that’s obvious but how do you behave in everyday life, in school or with friends for example...?
Ricky: Yeah, how do I behave there? I believe that my friends know that I am a Christian. Yeah well, I don’t really know what they think about God, it isn’t really number one discussion point among young people. I mean, you should also spend time with people who aren’t Christians, so I think I’m on the right track.
Host: (Walks around and looks for a guest) yes, I see that you have been listening intently, what is your opinion on the matter? (...A member of the audience answers...) Ricky thinks that God isn’t really a young person’s topic of conversation. I believe it’s time for our next guest. See for yourself what Johanna, 47 years old, has to say. Please welcome Johanna!
(Has simple, old-fashioned clothes on. Comes in with a bible in hand and a tract, stands there very confidently)
Johanna: I think that Jesus is the most important topic of conversation! (Sits down)
Host: Your opinion seems to be the complete opposite to Ricky’s opinion. What does a normal day as a Christian mean to you?
Johanna: Well that is quite simple. Our tasks in life are stated in the bible. (Flicks open the bible and reads Matthew chapter 28, verse 19 – old translation)
Ricky: Yeah, yeah. If I tell that to my pals, they’ll show me the bird.
Johanna: Yes, you are right. The WORD alone does not work. However there are tracts, which explain the WORD better to non-Christians. Here, I have something for you, or rather for your heathen friends. (Gives him the tract)
Ricky: (Looks at the tract) do you know what my friends would do with that?
Johanna: They will read and find out the truth, then...
Ricky: (Takes the tract) I think it’s better if you do this. (Rips up the tract and throws it like confetti into the air). I really believe that you aren’t quite right in the head!
Johanna: What has come across your mind? You call yourself a Christian? (Shakes her head).
Ricky: (Provokingly) I believe that a Christian shouldn’t be so brash!
Host: OK. Before there is a fight between you two, I think it’s time to welcome our next guest. Let’s see what Susie has to say to your opinions and what she thinks about Christianity in the public. Here she is, Susie!
(Susie comes in and sits down)
Host: Hello Susie. You have probably seen backstage what Ricky and Johanna had to “talk” about. What do you, as a Christian social worker, have to say about their opinions?
Susie: Well, first of all, I do not want to say “you’re right and you’re wrong”. I think you can both learn something from each other.
(Ricky and Johanna shake their heads and point at each other with their fingers)
Ricky + Johanna: (negative, convinced) learn something from him/her?
Susie: I think you both have a one-sided view of Christianity in the public eye. (Turns to Ricky) Wouldn’t you tell your friends about Jesus because you think it wouldn’t interest them anyway?
Ricky: No, but I can’t just start waffling on. I’d make a right idiot of myself.
Susie: Yes, but if everyone thinks or thought like that, Christianity would have died out long ago.
Johanna: (Feels confirmed) See, my son. We have a missionary duty!
Susie: (Turns to Johanna) I really have respect for people who dedicate their whole life to Jesus and spreading the joyful word. However the way we decide to do this is the important thing.
Host: And what does your everyday life look like? As a social worker, you always have something to do with people!
Susie: That’s true. I meet the most different types of people with the most different characteristics. I always have in the back of mind that I always show people Jesus’ love, especially those who haven‘t got to know Jesus yet!
Johanna: (With emphasis) Yes, but what do you do in practice? The thought alone doesn’t mean anything.
Susie: Of course, you are right. I simply try to live like Jesus wants me to in everything I do. People notice that I am different somehow. Some people ask me about it and then I tell them about Jesus. Sometimes I take the first step as well and speak to people.
Ricky: How do you start a conversation? Do you simply say: „ Hi. I am Christian and I must talk to you about God. What do you think about Jesus?“ They’ll either look at you questioningly, laugh at you or say a maximum of 3 sentences: „Yeah, I was christened as a child. My Grandmother wanted that, but it is no longer a subject for me.“
Susie: If you go at it like that „I have to tell you about God because it is my duty“, then you’re bound to get those types of reaction. However if you are completely convinced yourself about the message, it comes across differently. Of course, you have to be aware of who you can even begin to start a conversation with. I wouldn’t start talking to every Joe Bloggs about “God and the world”.
Johanna: But shouldn’t everybody find out about God?
Host: It’s great that the question has arisen now because our next guest, Mike, is not a Christian but an Atheist. But listen for yourself. I am pleased to welcome Mike!
(Comes in coolly and stands in front of his seat)
Mike: I am Mike and no one can change my opinion. (Sits down)
Johanna: I have just the right thing for people like you! In this little book, there is proof that there is a God! Whoever doesn’t believe it is running away from the truth.
Mike: Ah, give over. I am a believer. (Laughs) Yes, I believe in Atheism.
Ricky: Well I say everyone to their own. (To Mike) As an antichrist I wouldn’t jump at something like this.
Mike: What’s wrong with you? Are you trying to slime up to me? I saw you on the screen backstage. I don’t think much about blokes like you. Going to church at the weekend and then in school, the coolest dude ever with the motto: „I am one of you“. I have more respect for people like her, (points at Johanna) who see their thing through. But that doesn’t mean that I am convinced!
Host: How might we be able to convince you? Or would that not work at all?
Mike: Well, I have my own opinion. I have not really given much time to the subject. But if anyone could convince me, it would be her (points to Susie).
Host: What do you, as an impartial party, think a Christian should behave like?
Mike: Well, he must believe in God, otherwise they aren’t Christian, eh? (Laughs).
Susie: And how should people like you behave in everyday life?
Host: I am sorry that we couldn’t clear up this question, but we have already been on air longer than planned.
(The following text is only a suggestion how it might carry on)
But be sure to listen to our next show with (name of preacher); he will definitely have an answer to this question.
Theme example: Acknowledging God in everyday life and showing your Christianity. (How do I show my friends that I am a Christian?)

Author: Thomas Baberowski

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