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Mother, father, son 1, son 2, daughter 1 and daughter 2

(The family is sitting at the breakfast table; Son 1 and daughter 1 are drooping onto the table, their eyelids are falling shut)
SON 1: (Yawns loudly and stretches) oh man, why do we always have to get up so early. It’s raining outside anyway.
FATHER: When did you get back from the party yesterday, or was it today?
DAUGHTER 1: (Laughs) we were at a party, not at a children’s birthday party. Anyway, it only started at 22:00.
MOTHER: What do you do at these parties? There’s probably cigarettes and alcohol. Do you take part in that as well?
(MOTHER and FATHER look at each other and roll their eyes)
SON 1: We don’t just smoke and drink. We listen to music and that.
FATHER: What’s “and that”. What type of music is played? Do you even know what the song lyrics are saying? But that doesn’t interest you, does it? The main thing is – go along with everything so that we don’t stick out.
MOTHER: You’ll probably go one step too far and then it’s difficult to get out again. Everyone can become an alcoholic.
SON 2: Mummy, do Son 1 and daughter 1 drink beer as well?
DAUGHTER 2: Uncle Edward drank lots of beer all the time and he died.
DAUGHTER 1: Be quiet, will you. That’s just silly.
FATHER: (Annoyed) now she’s getting cheeky as well. Your brother and sister are right; you can become addicted more quickly than you think.
(Shakes his head) what have we done wrong in bringing you up?
SON 1: Ach, well while we’re on the subject: When you’re sitting in front of your computer, we’re not allowed to disturb you. You hardly ever have time for us. Mother thinks about dieting all day long and if you aren’t in front of the computer, you’re studying your Christian newspapers and never have time.
DAUGHTER 1: And we’re talked to as if we’re already addicted. You two already are!
DAUGHTER 2: That’s right. You whinge when we sit in front of the TV for too long, but you never have time for us.
MOTHER: (Concerned and thoughtful) yes. Now that you say it, I really do spend the whole day thinking about diets and cleaning.
FATHER: All of us have our addictions – me included.
SON 2: And how do we get away from them?
SON 1: Definitely not if we just throw our faults at each other.
FATHER: (Looks at SON 1 and DAUGHTER 1) we have to try to correct our own mistakes ourselves.
DAUGHTER 2: Now you two aren’t allowed to drink any more beer and daddy can’t sit at the computer so long.
MOTHER: Everyone has to decide that for themselves but we can help each other.
DAUGHTER 1: I believe that God wants to help us as well. He knows better than anyone what is good for us. Not everyone sees things in the same way.
FATHER: Yes, God is the best one to show us where our addictions lie and show us how to become free of them.
MOTHER: It’s great that we have talked about this. From now on, we must remember that everyone has their own addictions and we have to help each other to get rid of them.

Author: Thomas Baberowski

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