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Person 1: (We see how person 1 buys a pack of biscuits, sits on a bench (at the train station) and reads a Christian newspaper. He places the plastic bag with biscuits on the ground.)
Person 2: (Comes toward person 1) Excuse me, is someone sitting there?
Person 1: No, take a seat. (Carries on reading the newspaper)
Person 2: (After a while) what are you reading there? I don’t recognise the paper.
Person 1: Yes, that is a Christian newspaper. I am reading an interesting article at the moment: Interaction. If we would talk about our problems, lots of trouble would be spared. But that is exactly how people who live without God are – always flaring up straight away. We could talk about problems first. We Christians are an example to others in lots of things. (Reads his paper again)
Person 2: (Reaches inside a plastic bag and pulls out the pack of biscuits which Person 1 bought at the beginning. He opens the pack and bites appreciatively into a biscuit.)
Person 1: (Glances at person 2, looks back at his paper, looks at the biscuits again and thinks: those are my biscuits. He also takes a biscuit and bites loudly then begins to laugh.)
Person 2: (Looks a bit puzzled for a second) don’t the biscuits taste very good? Could you look after my things for a little while? I have to make a quick telephone call. (He leaves)
Person 1: (To himself) what is his problem? He eats my biscuits without batting an eyelid.
(Keeps slowly pushing biscuits into his mouth). He could have at least asked. I would have given him some anyway. He just starts raking around in my things. What a cheek. That is theft; yes that’s what it is - theft. It always starts off small.
Person 2: (Comes back, sees that the pack is almost empty and takes 2 biscuits with a smile.)
Person 1: (Enraged, he takes 3 biscuits, scoffs them down and takes another one.)
Person 2: (Takes another biscuit.)
Person 1: (Takes the pack of biscuits and moves onto another bench)
Now he’ll notice that they simply don’t belong to him.
Person 2: (Comes shaking his head, takes the last biscuit and goes back to his own bench.)
(Announcement: All aboard. The train to Hamburg will be departing in a few minutes)
Person 1: (As he boards the train, he moans at Person 2)
I should report you. What an absolute cheek.
(In the train)
Person 1: (Still angry) I’ll have to tell my wife about this.
(Looks in his plastic bag for his mobile phone and sees the pack of biscuits)

(Speechless, he holds the biscuits in his hands)
No! I don’t believe it. I can’t be true – and I though he’d pinched my biscuits. I’ll have to make it up to him.
(Jumps up and wants to get off the train)
Guard: I’m sorry. The train is leaving the platform. You cannot leave the carriage.
Person 1: (He flops down into his seat)
And I made such a speech about Christians being a good example and how we should talk about problems.

Author: Thomas Baberowski

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