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Experiencing God


Wife, husband, old woman, tramp and preacher

Material required:

Sack of clothes, steering wheel, bank card, newspaper, table, stools, and signs

(Sign: Sunday morning)
WIFE: (Husband and wife are sitting at the table, the man is reading a newspaper)
Do you know what I’ve asking myself in recent times?
HUSBAND: (Doesn’t listen to the question) look at this: These asocial tramps who live on the streets are really going to get more money from the state. Our type goes to work all week long to make ends meet and these tramps are paid for their boozing from the government.
(He becomes more and more annoyed)
And who has to pay for it? As if we don’t already have enough to pay for. And anyway...
WIFE: You’re going over the top now. We are both doing well. We have a house and we both have work. But do you know what I wanted to ask you? How can we come across God in these times? Or what would happen if Jesus came back today? Would we recognise him?
HUSBAND: Ach, you know we don’t need to worry about that. We go to church service every Saturday and give money to the poor children in Africa every month. And what about it, if Jesus were amongst us today? Of course I would recognise him, no doubt at all. I do not understand how so many people treat the Saviour of the world like their worst enemy in those days. If Jesus were alive today I would be one of the first to recognise him.

Oh, it already 9 O’clock. I have to go to the bank before the church service. They are going to collect for the church renovations today. See you later, bye!
WIFE: Goodbye.
(Sign: At the bank)

(The husband passes a bench where a tramp is sitting. The bench is in front of the bank)
HUSBAND: (Loud, contemptuously) now these scruffs are even sitting in front of my bank.
(Husband collects some money and then comes out of the bank)
TRAMP: Good day, would you possibly be able to take me to the other end of town? A pal of mine lives there and he is seriously ill.
HUSBAND: (Loud, annoyed) that’ll be the day when I take a tramp like you in my Audi. I’d need new seat covers. Anyway, I haven’t got any time – I’m on the way to church.
(Turns around and walks away, the tramp follows)
TRAMPS: Have you got a bit of money so I can go by bus?
HUSBAND: I’ve really had enough now! You go and booze away your money and then try to scrounge cash from those who have to work hard for their money. Anyway it is more important that our church is renovated than to give my money to the likes of you. You’ll make it to the next petrol station and your ill friend will suddenly be forgotten. I don’t really buy the story about an ill friend anyway. What should God think of me if I throw my money around so frivolously? Put your efforts into getting a proper job.
(He goes.)
(The husband is just about to get in his car as an old woman comes along with a walking stick and a sack of clothes)
OLD LADY: (To the man) could you perhaps bring this sack of clothes to the container? I can’t reach very well and my legs are heavier than they used to be.
HUSBAND: Oh that is bad timing. I am a Christian you see and we shouldn’t work on Sundays. Anyway I have to prepare something in church, so I am really in a hurry! Someone will come past soon who can help. You’ll just have to have a little patience. Goodbye!

(Climbs in his car and drives away)
(We see the tramp helping the old lady with her rubbish)
(Sign: In the church approx. 10:15)
HUSBAND: (Turned to the congregation) Yes, today there is lot to get through once again. As you are all aware, we will be collecting for the church renovations today. I hope you have all remembered! I set off earlier today to go the bank! I see that we do not have any new guests to welcome today.
(In this moment the door opens: preacher and the tramp enter the church).
(Preacher goes first)
PREDIGER: Oh, but you have forgotten someone. (The husband sits down shocked). (To the tramp) Yes, come to front, there is a space free in the front row.
(The tramp sits next to the husband; husband moves away to the side and lets out a laugh)
PREDIGER: Yes, the theme I would like to talk about with you today is how we can experience God in everyday situations or how we can show our fellow humans how God is living amongst us.
(Looks at the tramp) And I think that our guest today fits perfectly into this subject (jokingly). What did Jesus once say? The way you treat your fellow humans is the way you treat me!
Theme example: How can I experience God in everyday life (in school, at work, in my free time)

Author: Thomas Baberowski

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