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Have you got a lot, are you someone!?


normal man, businessman, tramp

NORMAL MAN: (Takes his mobile phone and dials a number)
BUSINESSMAN: (Answers his phone/mobile) Yes, Professor Doctor Muller.
NORMAL MAN: Sorry, who is that?
BUSINESSMAN: (Slowly, loud with emphasis) Here is Professor Doctor Muller, and who are you?
NORMAL MAN: Me? Ach, my name is Dirk. I must have dialled the wrong number. I wanted to speak with Martin; he is an old pal of mine. Sorry, I know you’re not interested. I am very sorry to have disturbed you. Goodb...
BUSINESSMAN: Wait a minute. Now I remember you again. Those were the days when we went to school together, but why are you calling me?
NORMAL MAN: I wanted to meet up with you again after such a long time and have a chat about old and new times.
BUSINESSMAN: Oh. It doesn’t look too good. Well, as a doctor I don’t have much time, but wait….I’ll have a look in my diary.
(Short pause)
I see that I haven’t any appointments at 19:00 on Tuesday evening. Is that Ok?
NORMAL MAN: Of course, that’s OK for me. Where should we meet?
BUSINESSMAN: We can meet at my house. My villa stands next to the town’s welcome sign. You cannot miss it. It’s a real eye-catcher in comparison to the other houses around. It is really a splendid house. I’ve even got a...
NORMAL MAN: Yeah, yeah I’m sure I’ll find it. Ok, then see you on Tuesday at 19:00. Bye.
Sign: „Dirk goes shopping“
NORMAL MAN: (Has a shopping bag in his hand) man, its late already. I’ll have to get a move on.
TRAMP: Hey, ha ya got a dollar for me?
NORMAL MAN: Well I don’t usually do this but it’s almost Christmas time. Buy yourself something decent with it.
TRAMP: I can do what I want with my money.
NORMAL MAN: Hey. I know that voice.
(Takes the tramp’s hat off) well that’s a thing, it’s Peter. I would never have believed it.
TRAMP: Now I recognise you as well. Are you Dirk, aren’t you? And how are you?
NORMAL MAN: Quite good. And what have you been up to?
TRAMP: (A little annoyed) Take a look?
NORMAL MAN: Sorry, stupid question.
TRAMP: And what’s with the others, have you heard from Martin?
NORMAL MAN: Yes, I spoke to him this morning. We want to meet up on Tuesday evening ad have a chat.
(Short pause)
You could come too. You were friends with Martin as well.
TRAMP: I’d love to if Martin doesn’t mind?
NORMAL MAN: Ach, he’ll be surprised. I have to go. I’ll pick you up on Tuesday evening here in the parking lot, OK?
TRAMP: Ok, see you Tuesday.
Sign: „Tuesday evening“
NORMAL MAN: (Rings the doorbell- tramp stays in the background)
BUSINESSMAN: (Does not notice the tramp) Yes, hello. Do come in.
NORMAL MAN: I’ve brought someone with me. Do you recognise him?
BUSINESSMAN: (Arrogant and derogatively) who is that?
TRAMP: (Takes his hat off) and now? Now you recognise me, don’t you?
BUSINESSMAN: Is that Peter? (Scrunches up his nose, shakes his head)
TRAMP: Yes, it is certainly astonishing how people change over time.
BUSINESSMAN: (Looking down) that’s true. Then come on in.
(Quickly fetches an old blanket and places it over a stool)
(to the tramp) here, sit down.
(Normal man and tramp look around in awe)
NORMAL MAN: (To businessman) Man, you have achieved a lot. Big villa, expensive car; you’re your income doesn’t seem to be bad.
BUSINESSMAN: Yes, I do earn a bit, but I have to work hard for my money.
(Glances at the tramp) You can’t achieve anything in life if you’re lazy. (To the tramp) Well tell us what life has done to you.
TRAMP: After school I joined the army. I got promoted again and again and had a good wage. I won lots of medals. I couldn’t get enough and wanted to enjoy more and more luxury things. I bought shares on the stock exchange. Yes, you guessed it, the value of the shares sank and I lost my cash. I began to drink my frustration away and my wife left me. I had to sell my house and finally ended up on the streets. Today, I’m happy if I’ve got a warm place for the night.
(Reaches into his pocket) These medals are no use to me now.
NORMAL MAN: That is really crass. Well I live a normal life and I am happy. Luxury and success is not everything in life.
BUSINESSMAN: Rubbish, you just have to put your money behind the right shares. I manage it. How can you have fun in life without luxury and esteem?
(Looks at his watch) Oh, it’s eight o’clock. The current stock exchange rates are coming.
(Switches the television on – all look at the TV)
BUSINESSMAN: (Annoyed) that cannot be true. All of my shares were doing well the day before yesterday. Now they have gone down with over 50 %. My money is gone. This is a nightmare.
TRAMP: Now you see what happened to me. Goodbye. See you again.
NORMAL MAN: That’s right – under the bridge. That’s what happens when you always want more – it’s bound to go wrong.

Author: Thomas Baberowski

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