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Hope and Fear

A: So, I‘ll quickly print out an account statement and then get back home (puts his card into the machine). I'm keen to find out what’s there because last month was a bit tight. Mind you, I did try to save a bit this month... Okay, that thing with the casino; I did use a bit there – 500 Euros gone. But that's the way things are – I’ll win again next time. Oh yes, and I bought myself a new hi-fi system this month... Why is it taking so long to print out? The 13th page? What is that supposed to mean? There must be a lot of information on it... Please take your account statement (takes the statement and is totally shocked, clasps his hands over his head) what? That can't be right. Minus 3678 Euro? How could that have happened? (Talks to himself quietly)

Two contrasting figures appear. Both have one aim: they want to get into the man's head.
(Fear and hope are having a race)
Fear: Ha, you'll never catch me. You will never manage to win. Why don't you just give up? I am always first. You've got no chance against me.
Hope: Just because your name is fear, you don't scare me. Why don't you give up? Don't you know the saying “where there is life there is hope“!
Fear: (Just laughs) and fear is always there.
They arrive at the entrance to the man's head
Fear: I don't need to ring the doorbell. I go wherever I want. (“Entry”) you see? You dweeb. You'll never manage anything. No cash at all - you're even in the red. And don't forget; you have to survive for another half month yet and you certainly can't gather any more debts. Do you even know what type of problems you have now? (Evil laugh) what am I saying? You don't just have one problem - you have thousands! You have to buy food, pay maintenance for the kids, pay the rent, pay off some debts and high interest rates of course etc, etc... Face the truth. You've got no chance of getting out of it.
Hope: Don't let yourself get down so easily. Obviously things don't look great but you know that there is always a way.
Fear: There's always a way? Maybe there is for others, but not for you. Take a look at yourself - you'll never get your life back on track. You’ll have to find a mattress under a bridge soon.
Hope: Don't believe all this rubbish. You have to see things a bit optimistically. I know! Your dad is sure to give you some money. And you'll get your wage in 15 days so where's the problem?
Fear: Should I laugh out loud? Your father is the stingiest person ever. You won't see a cent from him. Deal with it – you’ll have to go to bed hungry. Oops, my mistake. Obviously I meant you’ll have to go to your mattress hungry. If you can even find something like that. You'll probably have to sleep in a cardboard box. But you won‘t manage to sleep anyway because of the cold and all of your worries. You‘ll...
Hope: That's enough now. Your time is over.
Fear: What's all that about then? Is this a political debate? I’ll talk as much as I want!
Hope: Don't listen to that idiot. If you listen to him you really will find yourself in hard times. Listen to me instead. And then think about things. You’ve always been better off when you’ve listened to me in the past, don't you think?
Fear: Oh really? If you really do see a light at the end of the tunnel it is probably the headlights of the train coming the other way.
A: What should I do now? My father is always been stingy and he won't give me anything when he finds out that I’ve got myself into debt. They'll terminate the rental contract for my flat and I’ll end up on the street. Life as a tramp? What a nightmare. Is there anything left to live for?
Mrs Waldau: A personal meeting with you and without any appointment? What an honour.
Doctor: Please sit down Mrs Waldau. Can you imagine why I’ve called you in?
Mrs Waldau: (Happily) well I assume that you will tell me soon enough.
Doctor: Can you remember going to donate blood three weeks ago?
Mrs Waldau: Of course. I have often been to donate blood at the gifts in the little bags afterwards were really something special this time. To be quite honest, it’s the only reason I go...
Doctor: (Seriously) well, I don't want to beat around the bush and make unnecessarily difficult for you! Lady: Ok, I'm sorry. I admit it. It took two bags of gifts away last time. But the things just looked so tasty...
Doctor: (confused) listen Mrs Waldau, I'm not talking about couple of bananas in a gift bag. I'm talking about your blood donation. We have noticed something.
Mrs Waldau: what have you noticed about my blood? Is it blue or something?
Doctor: Mrs Waldau, please, I ask you to take seriously. I don't want to beat around the bush any longer...
Mrs Waldau: oh come on. We can't always take life so seriously.
Doctor: whatever. We found a virus while testing your blood...
Mrs: Bird flu? But I don't keep any birds.
Doctor: No, it's worse than that (stutters). You are HIV-positive!
Mrs Waldau: Positive. Why so serious? If it's positive, it can't be that bad...
Doctor: Then it's better to let you believe that. You can spend your last days with your friends.
Mrs Waldau: (Becomes more serious) my last days? What is that supposed to mean? Is positive not really positive?
Doctor: Ok, let me say it in a way you will understand. You've got AIDS.
Mrs Waldau: (Shocked) what? How did something like that happen? You're pulling my leg.
Doctor: That was only the result of the first analysis but it is 90% certain that the second analysis will also be positive.
Mrs Waldau: Do I still have a chance?
Hope and fear storm in and enter the woman's head together.
Hope: I’m first this time.
Fear: Go on then. Didn't you hear? 90% - I don't have to bother myself anyway (laughs).
Hope: (Looks towards Mrs Waldau) that's right, you still have a chance. 90% - that means that 10 people out of 100 aren't HIV-positive. Why shouldn't you be one of the minority? You never follow the majority anyway!
Fear: What is that for a load of rubbish? 90%? Everything over 50% is a dead cert. Don't fool yourself. Your life is over: dead and gone.
Hope: (To fear) didn't you pay attention to the laws of probability maths? (To lady) keep looking at things positively. It will certainly make it easier to deal with the situation.
Fear: I could go crazy when I hear such rubbish. Face the truth and don't hide from it. Your death is certain.
Hope: That isn't the truth. It might have all been a mix up. So don't worry yourself before you know for sure. You can't change anything anyway. So keep calm and don't give up!
Fear: (To hope annoyed) you just won't give up will you? I could've been finished my work ages ago you wouldn't keep interrupting. (To lady) you've got about as much hope as abseiling with dental floss. The dental floss wouldn't help you at all. And believing in Hope makes even less sense.
Hope: (To Fear) Good, let's stick with the abseiling example. (To lady) what is the main reason why climbers fall? They suddenly have fear. Or to put it in a better way, they let themselves be fearful. They aren't scared before they reach a difficult point but then they suddenly see a problem, are scared, start panicking and their head isn't clear to keep on climbing. The result is that some of them fall. So you see, if you accept fear you are guaranteed to fall. You will never be happy. Believe in me and keep all of your options open that everything will be okay.
Fear: What a load of crap. Total rubbish and lies. Stop rambling on because it isn't true anyway. Nobody believes you...
Hope: (To Fear) of course they do. All of those who don't listen to you!
Fear: You don't have a chance anyway. I'm fed up of you. (Leaves)
Hope: I don't want to brag but I think I won that round (leaves)
Doctor: Well, theoretically you do have a chance even if it is just a10th of a chance.
Mrs Waldau: Why should I be worried? As long as there is hope, I won't listen to my fears.

Author: Thomas Baberowski

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