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The present day Moses!

Paul: Ok, I think I call it a day! Now it is time for the weekend! I work at this company for 40 years. I am slowly starting to wonder if I should do something different.
I shut down my files and turn off the computer. What’s this? – Why is there a message? Haven’t I turned off the computer? Yes, I have closed everything down. How is it possible that my computer is still connecting with the internet? The message tells me to turn on the loudspeaker. It wants to tell me something.
What’s that going to be? Is it a workmate having a laugh?
Hmmm, he would have to be very clever to play such a trick.
I don’t know how you would get an e-mail without being in the internet. Is there anybody in our department who is able to do that? I don’t know of anyone.
God: (A voice comes from the loudspeaker) Right, I am a workmate, too.
Paul: (Shocked) I do not know this voice.
God: Yes, of course. I have never talked to you directly. There are a lot of people who know me, but who never heard my voice.
Paul: Oh, it suddenly dawns on me. You are God.
God: Right, I am the God of your ancestors and the God of Abraham, Isaacs and Jacob.
Paul: What should I do? What’s your plan?
God: My kids in Korea are suffering at the moment. I have heard how they moan about the oppression of the government. I know how they suffer under this situation.
I am here to save them and to protect them from the violence of their own country.
They should live a life in wealth and without suppression. Of course, there are many different restrictions for people who need asylum, but I blow these restrictions away as if they would be sand. I have seen the misery of the kids in Korea; I saw how they were tortured and some died as a result of the torture.
That’s why I want you to fly to Korea, Paul! I would like to send you to the government, because you are the one who should save my kids from the violence of their country.
Paul: What? I should go to the government of Korea and save the Christian people from persecution? Look at me, I’m nothing special! I’m an office worker.
God: Don’t worry! I’m there for you. And I will show you that you are the chosen one and that this conversation isn’t a joke thought up by your workmates. After you have finished the mission, there will be an honourable service in the biggest church.
Paul: Do you think that the people in Korea will believe me? If they ask me why I’m there, what can I say?
God: Tell my kids, that I sent you to save them. I’m their God and I will protect them. I care about the people. That’s why I want to save them and that’s the reason why you are the one who should guide them. Go to Korea and get in contact with the heads of underground communities. Tell them, that I told you, to bring them to a country where they can live peacefully.
You can trust me; the heads of the communities will believe you. Afterwards you should go to the government and ask for an exit permit for the Christians.
I know, it will be a hard battle, but at the end I will force the government to let the Christians go. And you won’t leave the land with nothing; the government will even give you money. With this money my children are going to afford themselves a good standard of living.
Paul: But what is, if they won’t take me serious? What is if they arrest me, too?
God: You still don’t believe me! Look at your desk! What do you see?
Paul: The computer!
God: Click the mouse and you see your thoughts at the monitor.
Paul: Wow that’s crazy. Now it is easier for me to understand that you know everything.
God: Show it to the Christians. They are sure to believe you that you have my support. And do you think I would send you to Korea, if I knew that you could be arrested?
Paul: God, I know how powerful you are. But I still don’t know what to tell the government. I’m too shy and nervous. Look at me at work; I’m too nervous to tell my boss that I don’t want to do overtime. And I don’t even say anything if I don’t get paid for the work. I’m too shy to tell him that it is unfair.
Can you understand me God? I’m not the right person for this job. Take somebody who is more talented.
God: (Gets a little bit annoyed). Why don’t you trust me? I have planned everything. Don’t you understand that I can change everything? But ok, so that you are not alone, your workmate Klaus will travel with you. He is a tough man. Don’t hesitate now. Go on your journey, I am with you.

Author: Thomas Baberowski

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