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There for each other


Mother: Mandy, son: Thomas, father: Stephan and daughter: Andrea

Son: (Comes in, throws his rucksack in the corner and sits in front of the television)
Mother: (From the next room) how was school? Did you get your report?
Son: There is no reply. (flicks around the channels with the remote control.)
Mother: What is wrong? Have you got another F or haven’t you done your homework again?
Son: (Annoyed) no, I didn’t get an F and I have done my homework. You only ever think about school.
Mother: Ok, Ok, no problem. I didn’t want to hear anything else. (Leaves the room)
Son: (Softly) I’ve got more worries than about getting an F, but I can’t talk to her about anything other than school.
Daughter: Hi, mummy.
Mother: Hello.
Daughter: What do you think I got in maths and in German? An A and a B!
Mother: Very nice, but the B in German could have been an A, don’t you think?
Daughter: Ach, no. I’m happy with a B. (Goes out of the room and runs hectically into her brother’s room) Guess what scores I got in maths and German?
Son: Man, I couldn’t care less. Why should your results interest me? You can see that I’m busy (flicks around with the remote control). Anyway, I’ve got other problems. Bye, take a hike.
Daughter: Oh well, have fun with your difficult work. (Goes into her room and reads)
Mother: (Calls out) can someone come here for a few seconds? I need someone to hold the flower pot up.
Daughter: No go at the moment. I’m tidying my room.
Son: (To himself) Phew, I’ve got enough to do myself.
Mother: (Comes into her son’s room after while in a rage) why didn’t you come? I called out loudly and clearly that I need help for a couple of seconds.
Son: Why me? Andrea can help just as well. You don’t really believe that she is tidying her room, do you? She’s probably reading one of her horse books. Anyway you don’t always have time or can be bothered when I need help.
Mother: Now I’ve had about enough. We’ll speak about this tonight with your darling father.
(The door bell rings, mother goes to the door, opens it and the father is standing there.)
Mother: Hello, it’s good that you’ve come home earlier tonight. I have just had another argument with...
Father: Ach, do we have to? I am totally knackered. Can’t you deal with it yourself? (Sits on the sofa and switches the television on.)
Mother: Can’t you help me for a few minutes? You wanted children as well.
Father: Man, I come in from work and have to start here again. No, this is my free time. You can bring me a beer.
Mother: Fetch your beer yourself. Do you think that I don’t have any stress as a housewife? (Leaves the room frustrated.)
Father: Women, hardly in the door and they start making a scene.
Son: Hi, dad. Can I talk with you? I have...
Father: Man, can’t it wait until tomorrow? I just want to relax now, but you can bring me a beer.
Son: I mean it seriously. I have a real problem.
Father: Man, can’t you talk about it with your mother? Are you going to bring me a beer now?
Son: You never have any time for me when I need something. Do you know what? I’m going to leave home.
Father: Don’t get yourself into a twist. We’ll talk about it tomorrow, OK? I am simply not in the mood for something like that. Are you going to fetch my beer now?
Son: Fetch your own crappy beer. I thought everyone was supposed to be there for each other in a family. I’m leaving home now. (Son leaves)
Father: Be there for each other?!!! Nobody will bring me a beer!
Theme suggestion: Being there for each other (when, for what, for whom?)

Author: Thomas Baberowski

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