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WWJD – What would Jesus do?


Host, Maria (egotistical manageress), Frank (unemployed and proud), Jana (Mummy’s little girl), Ute (bank worker), Talkmaster

HOST: Hello and welcome to the 250th edition of our series “Time for Conflict“! The theme of today’s anniversary program is: „I live my life like I want because I only live once“. Let’s welcome our first guest, Frank. Frank is 32, he is voluntarily unemployed and has been divorced for 3 months. Give him a warm welcome, here is Frank!
(Frank is wearing a jogging suit with leather shoes; he sits down confidently on the sofa)
HOST: Well, Frank, you are unemployed and you can’t be bothered to try and find a job. Why not?
FRANK: Man, you only live once. I can’t be bothered to have someone ordering me around and telling me what to do. I get up when I want, I eat what I want and watch what I want on television.
HOST: And do you enjoy your life? It isn’t exactly a life of luxury when you have to live from social assistance.
FRANK: Ach, it’s enough. I am happy without money. I can do what I want. That’s why I separated from my wife. At some point it the nagging really got on my nerves: „Don’t drink too much, don’t eat in the sitting room, and so on and so on. Now I can do what I want.
HOST: That means that you don’t want to be ruled by anyone. I believe that our next guest, Ute, has a very different opinion. Ute is 35, works in a bank and is single. Join me in welcoming her, Ute!
(Ute, the bank worker, is very well dressed: comes in and remains standing...)
UTE: (Points at Frank) our society can do without the likes of him! (Sits at the other end of the sofa)
UTE: (Looks at Frank) this type of person only brings society into wreck and ruin. We pay our taxes to finance this lazy troupe.
FRANK: (Sits there annoyed and expresses boredom) pah, I have fun in life. Why should I be interested in others?
UTE: (Shakes her head) an outrage. That’s a real cheek.
HOST: Yes, Ute, we have all seen that you don’t think much about Frank’s attitude to life. What is your life like then?
UTE: In this highly technological and high socialised society, you can’t just do whatever you want. I can’t just go to work in a bikini because it’s so hot...
FRANK: (Interrupts Ute) man, why not? Just be yourself and do whatever you feel like doing.
UTE: (Looks arrogantly and derogatorily at Frank) the way you dress just makes you a laughing stock. You have to stick to the rules and norms in our society otherwise you are quickly out of the picture. Only success is important in life, nothing else.
FRANK: Hey, what do get from obeying rules like that? The main thing is fun. I can’t be bothered to listen to your social rubbish any longer.
UTE: You are simply uncivilised and socially inept. It’s disgusting that people like you live in our society.
HOST: OK. I see that the differences of opinion are growing wider apart. It’s time for our next guest, because she wants to let off steam as well. Here she is...
(Maria: modern look; serious, stiff facial expression)
MARIA: I am Maria and I have my own rules! (Sits between the other two) You two really are worthy of sympathy. I have a goal and I am prepared to do everything to achieve it.
HOST: So you don’t think much of our other two guests. What is your goal then?
MARIA: I want to become a manageress. That is my one and only goal in life. Social rules and lazy people just get in my way. I have my own rules in life. I work hard on myself. You need self discipline and scruples otherwise you will never achieve your goals.
FRANK: And that is loads of fun, is it?
MARIA: Hey man, don’t you understand? Fun isn’t everything in life. You have to be able to pull yourself together and grow beyond yourself. Once I am high up, I will have fun and can relax and fall back on my success, but until then, it’s a long, hard road!
UTE: In despite of this, you have to respect others. You are not alone in this world.
MARIA: I am sorry but I’ll only reach my goal at other people’s expense. What do I live for? This is my one and only life so only MY life interests me. What would happen if...
HOST: Sorry, but I have to interrupt you there because times has flown by and our next guest, Jana, is waiting impatiently behind the door. Jana is 42 and still lives at home with her parents. We will now find out what her life is like, here is Jana!
(Jana is wearing a scarf and a jumper with a children’s logo on it)
JANA: Hi, my name is Jana and everything is best at home with mum and dad (sits down)
HOST: Still living at home at 42 years of age – isn’t that a bit annoying? Or can’t you find a flat (laughs)?
JANA: (Nods stupidly) No, it is my own choice. I get free food, mum washes may clothes and I don’t have to pay any rent...
UTE: Don’t you want to stand on your own two feet?
JANA: Ach, I do OK. Mum and dad look after me well.
MARIA: From the look of it, your mum still lays the clothes out for you in the morning for you to wear, eh?
JANA: So what? My mother knows which clothes suit me the best. I don’t really need to think about anything. Mum and dad always do the best for me.
FRANK: Man, that isn’t a life. I got out of my parent’s home at 16. I was and I am still pleased that I could really let go.
JANA: Yeah and look what happened to you. I’d prefer to live with my mum and dad; they’ll make the decisions for my life.
TALKMASTER: At this point, I will simply stop the show. You have heard the attitudes of our guests from the most interesting to the weirdest opinions. Decide for yourself what you want to make of your life, who you should listen to and if you want to lead a simple life and have fun like our Frank. I thank our guests and of course, you the audience. Thank you and until next time on: „Time for Conflict“.

Author: Thomas Baberowski

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