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„Berger printers“


Boss, secretary, member of staff, trainee

Boss: Ach. Hello, Mr Schulz. Good that I have bumped into you. I have a very special task for you.
Member of staff: But, of course. I love tasks which let me use my qualities.
Boss: Yes, this task is really very important. I ask you to complete this task as quickly and as carefully as possible.
Member of staff: Well that goes without saying. What is all about then?
Boss: These files have to be carefully checked if they are all correct. I would deal with it myself but I am on a training course this week. You can place the files with any mistakes on my desk. Lots of fun with the checking, then.
Member of staff: (Turns around, will not believe that he is meant) you, you mean I should...
Boss: Exactly, you heard correctly. You should deal with the files.
Member of staff: (Disappointed) can’t the trainee do that? There is more important work here for me.
Boss: No, this task is the first priority and it is very important. That’s the reason why I trust with it. The trainee does not have the same work experience as you. Then, do the work well and don’t let it spoil your good mood. Bye (goes).
Member of staff: (Whinges and moans) Work experience needed to hunt through the files – what a joke. What A qualified bit of work.
Secretary: What are you whingeing about so loudly. We can hear you all over the place!
Member of staff: Yeah, and what would you say if the boss gave you some work as a messenger based on your experience in the job and your “special talents? “
Secretary: Ha, what’s wrong then?
Member of staff: I have to hunt through this massive pile of files. I have been working here for over 15 years; I have been trained to do better things than this trainee work.
Secretary: If the boss has said that, he will have his reasons. I don’t always enjoy doing everything in this chaos, but if the boss says so. Well, I don’t want to keep you form you “important” work (goes).
Member of staff: Yeah, super. (Sits down at his desk) „And don’t let it spoil your good mood“. Super. How should I spoil something which I haven’t got?
(Trainee comes along)
Member of staff: Hey, come here. I have some work for you.
Trainee: That isn’t good at the moment. The boss has already given me work for the whole week.
Member of staff: Well you’ll have to hurry up with your work then. There’s a pile of files on the boss’ desk. You have to look through them and then place the files with mistakes back on the boss’ desk. Is that clear?
Trainee: Well, the boss said that my work has first priority. I can’t guarantee that I will get round to the files.
Member of staff: See it as your own personal challenge. I also have to do things which aren’t any fun at all. I’ll come and have a look on Friday how far you’ve gotten.
(Sign – Wednesday of the same week)
(Member of staff sits at his desk and reads the newspaper)
Boss: Hello, it’s great that you have looked through the files. Did you manage everything then?
Member of staff: (Shocked) ah, boss, you’re back? Weren’t you supposed to be in training this week?
Boss: Yes, but it was only until Thursday. But why are you so shocked? Well, whatever, I’ll have a look through the files then.
Member of staff: Ach, you know what? After such a tiring week you don’t have to throw yourself back into work straight away. Go home for a while and relax a little. You can see that we are managing here.
Boss: What is wrong with you so suddenly? (Seriously) I have a suspicion. Might the problem be that the files aren’t ready yet?
Member of staff: Yes, OK you’re right. I am not quite finished, but...
Chef: I’ll give you time until tomorrow, then the files must be on my desk. See you tomorrow then (goes).
Member of staff: Puh, lucky again. Then I’ll have to have a quick look through these stupid files. Maybe the trainee has already made a start.
(Goes to the boss’ desk and finds a massive pile of files)
Member of staff: Oh, no. I’ll never manage that before tomorrow, even if I work the whole night through.
Secretary: Yes, you see. If you had only listened to me. That is bound to happen if you run away from the work and slide from one lie into the next. (Ironically) I wish you a lovely evening. See you tomorrow.
Theme suggestion: Running away from something with Jona as an example.

Author: Thomas Baberowski

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